Best Beginner Sewing Machines

You’re probably here because you want to start sewing, but can’t find the best beginner sewing machine. There are so many options out there with no clear-cut answer. To save you the headache you’re about to go through; we’ve compiled the only guide you’ll need to make the right first purchase.

Even if you’ve never seen a sewing needle before, the right sewing machine will make you feel like an expert in no time! To get there, we need to first understand what makes a machine beginners-friendly.

What Features Are Important For Beginners

Since you’re looking for a beginner sewing machine, you need to make sure the machine to be easy-to-use, comfortable, and conducive to learning without any of the bells and whistles that advanced users need.

Since every machine has different controls, you need a unit that has the bare minimum number of controls necessary. The fewer, the better.

One of the most important controls is the foot pedal. For some machines, this feature is addressed with an adjustable foot pedal pressure or electronic speed control. If you can find this in a model, consider that feature as it’ll make sewing 100X easier. But if you can’t find it, make sure to read about the sensitivity of the foot pedal.

Regarding ergonomics, this is based on personal preference. Just like sitting at a computer, it’s easy to hunch over without realizing it. It’s the same way with your machine. Pay attention to the measurements. Ensure it will fit well in the area you will be using it so that you have all the space and lumbar support you need!

Beginning with the Brother XM2701

Brother XM2701

The Brother XM2701 is a lightweight machine capable of handling all your household tasks! It’s a perfect starting machine for someone looking for a reputable machine designed specifically for simplicity and function.

  • Easy Threading

The unit features an incredibly simple threading and bobbing system designed for beginners! Simply use the lever and thread will go right through the needle. If you’re known to have a shaky hand, this feature will also help reduce the need for “finesse” hand movements usually required to thread.

  • 27 Stitch Patterns and Visible Bobbin

The machine doesn’t stop at a revolutionary threading system. It goes above and beyond by offering over 27 stitch patterns to experiment with! Patterns such as triple stretch stitch to even zig-zag stitches exist to fulfill fits your every fancy. Whatever basic pattern you can think about – this model has it!

You can even stitch with ease as your bobbin will never unexpectedly run out on you again! The geniuses at Brother decided to use a clear plate for the bobbin. So, you can always keep track of how much thread you have left. You don’t know how great this feature is until you try it for yourself.

  • Not the Brightest

Although this product is a winner in many respects, it does have a few caveats. In this case, the LED light included in the machine is dim. If you don’t have a well-lit room then this unit may not be for you, assuming you’re not a caveman, this small dilemma can easily be overcome.

Just lighten up your room up a tad and done. The issue is ‘weaved’ out!

  • The Presser Foot Lever

Another small dilemma is the presser foot lever is located under the arm. On most machines, this lever can be found in the back where it’s easier to reach. This isn’t exactly a deal breaker, as you will easily acclimatize to your machine after a few uses.


  • Built-in Needle Threader
  • 27 Stitching Options
  • Clear Plate over Bobbin


  • LED light is particularly dim
  • Presser foot lever is non-adjustable and in awkward location


This item is in the low-end price range, functions well, and the consensus is this unit is amazing. It has also been reported to be incredibly reliable, requiring little to no maintenance.

It gets the job done, it’s cheap, good, and comes with a few lifesaving features that make this product an absolute must.

Should I say more?

Stop reading and try The Brother XM2701 out for yourself!

Going Digital with the Brother CS6000i

Brother CS6000i

You want an easy, yet modern machine that would put your grandma’s sewing machine to shame? The Brother CS6000i comes to the rescue. Now, this unit contains your grandma’s worst nightmare: a computer.

This same nightmare is what makes this model sew faster with less manual work. This is the two things your grandma would despise, but let’s be honest here: you’re learning to sew to get a job done. This unit gets the job done and fast. The best part is this particular, computerized model is suitable even for beginners!

  • Digital Threading and Cruise Control

The magic of this item starts with the computerized LCD screen. This baby offers over 60 stitches patterns, allowing you to experiment and practice with different stitch patterns. You would expect a process like this to be complex, but the user interface is incredibly easy. Even your grandma could do it. All you do is simply press a button to choose the length and width. That’s it.

Not only does it take all the manual work of stitching, but also the days of tiring your foot on a foot pedal is over. Welcome to the world of technology where you can automate that task with a pre-set speed.

  • Manual Foot Pedal is Included

While your granny is back there, working her foot away, all you do is press a button, sit back, and relax. If your granny comes in and figures out about your ‘magic’ machine, you can quickly use the foot pedal they’ve included for your convenience!

Just remember: slow and steady wins the race. Don’t start the machine full throttle as a beginner; rather it’s best to start out with the basic patterns at a lower speed first – even if your foot is aching to hit that pedal – before proceeding to more complex tasks. When you start to advance your sewing skills, you can then start exploring a variety of options and combinations.

  • The Only Machine You’ll Ever Need

The strongest selling-point for this item is that this will be the only machine you’ll ever need regardless of skill level! Even if you become a master seamstress, this machine will serve you well, but just don’t keep it for as long as granny’s machine – that’s just unhealthy.

  • More Options to Choose From

Talking about selling points, users have been raving about all the features that come with this beast. Many of these features won’t matter in the beginning, but down the line, it will. The features range from:

  1. Six Sewing Feet Variations
  2. Needles
  3. Bobbin
  4. Eyelet Punch
  5. Extra Spool Pin
  6. Cleaning Brush
  7. Seam Ripper
  8. Wide Table
  9. Four Quilting Accessories

And that’s not even stopping to take a breath! The best feature for a beginner? This machine includes Brother’s online instructional videos, so you can start a project without having to scratch your head! Just unbox, open a free training video, and start sewing.

  • When Dim Lighting Isn’t a Good Thing

But just like everything good in life, there’s a small downside that is notorious with Brother machines – poor LED lighting. Some users did find the LED lighting on the machine to be a bit dim. Not “set the mood” dim, but “can’t see anything” dim. However, this one problem is a minor inconvenience that can easily be remedied by using it in a well-lit room.


  • Computerized
  • Speed controls
  • 60 Stitch Options
  • Load of Extra Features
  • Instructional Videos


  • Dim light


When buying a sewing machine, the CS6000i stands out as a behemoth. Ranging from thousands of reviews stating this model is easy to use, even for those that have never used a computerized sewing machine before.

If you want to pick up an advanced machine that you’ll never need to upgrade, put a lot of work into or bang your head in regret about, this unit is your pick!

Click here to find out Amazon customer reviews.

The Community’s Pick to Start With: The Janome 2212

Janome 2212

The Janome 2212 is the starting machine of choice among seamstresses. Beginners will find the straightforwardness of the device very accessible. It also provides a high-quality, no-frills user experience suitable for any level.

  • A Great Starting Machine

This machine is suitable for all ages which is why it’s popular in the sewing community as a great starting machine. If you’re teaching your children or any beginner how to sew, the 2212 fits the bill quite well. The secret to the praise starts with the design.

  • Extra-High Presser Foot

This is the one feature that changes everything: The Extra-High Presser foot. When you’re first learning to use a sewing machine, fighting with fabric under the needle can be frustrating. However, with the height you get here, you’ll have plenty of room to make all the turns and adjustments you need!

This allows you to make a highly customizable workflow system that is conducive to learning. This is especially important if you’re going to be sewing for hours on end with no break.

  • Quality Stitching

The unit puts a cherry on top by giving you some of the best stitching from any machine. This is especially useful for beginners that suffer from the occasionally slip up. Don’t worry; the machine has you covered.

This is due to the machine’s stitching being clean, consistent, and holding very well. Not only does it save one from disasters, but it provides you with 12 basic patterns to choose from, so you – or your apprentice – can focus on mastering the basics.

  • The Downside

Although this item is wonderful in many respects, one qualm people seem to have is that the machine is a bit noisy. As a result, you may not be able to hear a television playing in the background. This could be a good thing for the easy-to-distract novice, but more of a minor inconvenience for the people around.

Also, users seem to dislike the awkward position the drop feed is in. It will take away some of your work time, but otherwise the machine functions well. For all the positives to this unit, these are merely minor annoyances for what is an otherwise great machine.


  • Very Easy to Use
  • High-Quality Stitching
  • Extra-high Presser Foot Lift


  • Noisy
  • Difficult to access drop feed


This machine surpasses initial expectations. It’s simple, user-friendly, and built with excellent quality. Even veteran sewers will appreciate this model.

Anyone in need of a reliable or beginner-friendly sewing machine that gets almost every task done should consider this item. Sometimes you don’t need all the extras – simplicity can get those easy job done just fine.

Try it out for yourself today!

Simplicity at its Best with Singer 3333

Singer 3333

Do you want a machine that is the absolute simplest? Do you want a machine that is designed more for casual use? The Singer 3333 is for you.

This machine has taken simplicity to the next level and stuck to the basics, removing all the extra bells and whistles that usually accompanies sewing machines.

  • Online Tutorials

The unit is not only simple but will help you learn to sew quickly with their free online tutorials. Singer has sat down and built some of the best tutorials you’ll find. They’ll distill the enigmatic art of sewing down to its core.

They also provide numerous instructional videos and guides that cover almost any questions you might have. If you’re looking for a machine that has a lot of educational resources for your exact machine, you will not find better than this.

  • Simple to Choose Patterns

If you thought this model was barren in the stitch pattern department, you’ve mistaken. It boasts over 23 patterns to choose from to experiment with for more advanced projects. The best part about it all is all you do to move to a new pattern is simply turn a dial.

Who needs digital features when it’s as simple as that?

  • Heavy Duty Metal Frame

You’d expect a machine of this caliber and functionality to be built of flimsy material and break down quickly. That’s not the case with the 3333. It’s built like a tank with a hard, metal shell that’s guaranteed to survive any bump or dent.

Not only can it outlast any bump, but this machine sits as strong as a rock, refusing to vibrate and consequently skip stitches.

  • Heavier Materials are a no-go

Just like every machine, even this tank has a kryptonite – heavy materials. If you ever want to work with heavier materials like leather, denim or multiple layers, this item isn’t for you.

However, as a beginner, it’s best to start with simpler materials first. That way, bulkier materials will be easier to work with as you become more competent in sewing.


  • Durable machine
  • Online tutorials offered
  • 23 patterns to choose from


  • May have trouble with thicker material


This unit gives you everything you need to advance your sewing skills. It’s highly reliable, sturdy, comes fully loaded with the best tutorials online, and one of the simplest machines you’ll ever come across.

If you’re tired of all the baggage that comes with machines and you only want what matters as a beginner – the Singer 3333 is your soulmate!

Pick one up today, and you will never turn back!

Pretty In Pink: the Juki HZL 355 ZW-A

Juki HZL 355ZW-A

Do you live in a cramped space? Would you want a machine that is sturdy yet highly portable? The Juki HZL 355 ZW-A is the answer to your prayers. The lightweight and easy-to-setup construction makes this machine portable and strong enough to work anywhere.

  • Great for Home Use

This machine can easily handle your home’s greatest needs, ranging from:

  1. Natural fibers like cotton, linen, or wool
  2. Fine fabrics (such as silk, satin, taffeta, or velvet)
  3. Knits
  4. Synthetic fabrics and blends like rayon or polyester
  5. Denim

This machine could do all of this and much more. However, if you’re looking to work on tougher material – something beginners shouldn’t work on – you should give this machine a pass.

  • Accessible for All

This model not only works great for your home needs, it also boasts a large display window along with large buttons. This is especially useful for children and elderly, as the large buttons make it easy to operate. It’s so easy that you probably don’t need a manual at all!

  • Quality Build and Fast Setup

Lightweight yet durable. These two qualities are what make this machine a winner. You can carry this machine with very little effort, making it perfect for tight workspaces or traveling. And it will not give out on you, as the framework of the Juki is durable.

It can take hits, dents, and scratches like a real man, making it perfect for everyday use.

  • What’s the catch?

The only complaint is the placement of the drop feed control lever. Until you remove the accessories case, you will be unable to access it. Although it only takes away a minute or two of your work time, it can still be an annoying interruption.


  • 26 stitching options
  • Works on most fabrics
  • Quick Setup


  • Difficult to reach placement of drop feed control lever


If you are looking for a beginner level sewing machine that’s portable, durable, and as bold as the pinkish color – the Juki HZL 355 ZW-A is your machine.

The unit provides a very user-friendly experience that beginners will especially love! You can also bring it along anywhere you go like a book. This machine breaks the age barrier for sewing, opening it up to all ages and lifestyles without breaking the bank!

Get it now and you may never put sewing down again!


Picking a machine, especially for a beginner can be a daunting task and journey for many. That’s why we spent so much time building this comprehensive guide, cutting through the BS and going straight to what you need.

Just think about what you want most out of your sewing machine. Your learning goals, objectives, and lifestyle needs will determine which choice will be the best. Every machine we’ve provided comes from the most reputable brands on the market, along with hours of intensive research to hand curate this guide.

Whatever you choose, rest assured that you can’t go wrong with any of the choices on this list! If you ask us to recommend an option, we vote for Brother CS6000i. It’s very easy to start for beginners but also has some features that can grow up with your skills.

Click here to check over 7,000 customer reviews of CS6000i on Amazon.