Best Brother Sewing Machines Reviews of 2017

Brother is a well-known brand in the sewing industry and its users are surprised by its quality. It produces a wide variety of models that can match all individuals with different sewing levels. If your budget is limited and you still want to get a decent machine, then Brother is your option. Most of its machines are affordable so there is no need to worry about its price.

Best 3 Brother Sewing Machines

There are many models available on the market, so it takes time to find the best one. And honestly it’s very boring. We value your time and take the tedious work to help you get the best. After researching and analyzing, we find the following three machines are very popular. No matter you shop on eBay, Walmart or Amazon, you will notice they have very positive feedbacks. Let’s check the comparison table below.

ModelBuilt-in StitchesStitches per MinuteAuto Needle ThreadingLCD DispalyFree ArmIncluded Presser Feet
Brother CS6000i
Brother XL2600i
Brother SE400

At a glance

Brother CS6000i: I highly recommend this one if your budget is under $200. It has the most sales on Amazon’s “Sewing Machines” category. It has more than 4,000 customer reviews on Amazon and rated highly. All of these positive feedbacks can prove its value and this is why I suggest it.

Brother CS6000iClick to View More Brother CS6000i Images

It’s a computerized model that can automate many tasks. Thanks to its full automation, you will get better results as long as you set up correctly. It’s built with 60 stitches, including 20 decorative, 20 for garment construction, 7 quilting and 6 heirloom stitches as well as 7 automatic buttonhole styles. You can easily select the stitch and set its width and length with the help of the built-in LCD screen.

You will never be troubled by threading and bobbin loading. A detailed guide will be provided with a printed version. Even a three-years kid can do that with ease if he follows the diagram. Additionally, it is fitted with an auto needle threader to save you huge effort. If you have many quilting projects, you will definitely love this machine. It offers an oversized table that gives you extra work area for quilts and larger projects. It also has a free arm to help you sew sleeves, cuffs and hems much easier.

The name “Feature-Rich Sewing Machine” has already stated its versatility. With its various and powerful sewing and quilting abilities, you can fulfil your potential easily. If you check its price, you will be shocked; but don’t be fooled by its low price. It gives you far more than it suggests.

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Brother XL2600i: This is an inexpensive model. If you compare it to CS6000i, you will find it has only 25 stitches. But these stitches also come with multiple functions. They include decorative, heirloom and quilting as well as garment construction and buttonhole styles.

Brother XL2600iFind More Brother XL2600i Images

This machine has a compact and light body, so it’s easy to carry if you want to take a machine to your sewing class. Selecting a stitch can be very easy with the dial. It also has an automatic needle threader to assist you in threading the needle easily. The built-in free arm gives you the ability to sew hems, cuffs and sleeves, etc with ease. Additionally, you are allowed to create unlimited custom-sized buttonholes with the button stitch with one step.

This one has over 1,700 positive reviews on Amazon. To be honest, if you are a new sewer, this is your best choice. Although its features are very basic, it’s good enough for beginners. If you need a machine to deal with some basic home projects, then this one deserves your consideration. After all, you can’t expect much from a sewing machine if its price is under $100.

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Brother SE400: Well, first of all, this is a combination of sewing and embroidery machine. This is why it is rated “No.1 Best Seller” currently on the “Embroidery Machines” category of Amazon. Actually, it is an upgraded version of SE350 with more powerful features.

Brother SE400Get More Brother SE400 Product Images

It comes with 67 sewing stitches, 70 embroidery designs and 120 frame patterns as well as 5 different embroidery letters fonts. These features make it perfect and powerful for nearly all your sewing, embroidery, home decoration and crafting projects. What’s more, it allows you to import designs from your computer directly thanks to its computer connectivity. This function can also keep your machine updated by downloading updates from the official website.

It has an LCD display to help you select the stitch and embroidery design. You can also make any change through this LCD screen. The built-in 4-inch by 4-inch embroidery space lets you deal with embroidery projects with more freedom. It definitely has more features, like auto thread cutter, auto needle threader, easy bobbin-winding system and 7-point feed dogs, etc. All of them make this one extremely powerful.

This one receives more than 1,100 reviews on Amazon and rated highly by users. Although this machine has so many positives, you still need to consider your needs and budget first. No one can say it’s a best option for all.

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Brother has many support and creative centres, so you will get quality support if you need. No matter you are a sewing novice or experienced sewer, you can find a best from the above options. As mentioned before, I personally suggest Brother CS6000i because it has many advanced features and it’s affordable.