Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine Review

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Brother CS6000i is one of the best quilting sewing machines from Brother Company and its name already tells you how powerful it is. If you think a low price means low quality, then you are wrong for this one. Compared to other machines with a similar price level, this machine offers many extra and advanced features. This is why it is called “feature-rich” and why it has more than 4,000 customer reviews on Amazon. By the way, it ranked No.1 Best Seller on the “Sewing Machines” Category for a very long time.

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Brother CS6000i Features Highlights

Stitching pattern: it is fitted with 60 stitches with multiple functions. These include 20 garment construction, 20 decorative, 6 heirloom and 7 quilting stitches plus 7 buttonhole styles. These buttonholes can be automatically sized with one step. Different stitches have different purposes; no matter your tasks are simple or intricate, you can find a solution for that.

Oversized table: you will get a free over-sized table when you buy it. This table is designed to give you extra area to help you move your projects smoothly. If you have quilting or other larger projects frequently, you will find how useful this table is.

Bobbin system: it doesn’t have an automatic bobbin winding system, but a step by step diagram is printed on the machine to guide you the whole process. Even you are a beginner; you can easily drop in the bobbin.

Auto needle threader: every one knows it’s a real headache to thread a needle manually. A lever is built on the side of it, and when you touch it, the needle will be threaded automatically.

Free arm: there are always some areas of the fabric that are difficult to reach. This arm can assist you in accessing these areas easily. So it will make your activities like sewing cuffs, hems and sleeves with ease.

Brother CS6000i Extra Benefits

It also includes an LCD display to help you select the stitch easily. Although the screen is a little small, it’s very convenient. There is a slide on the front of the machine, so you can control the sewing speed easily through it. Forget to mention, you will get many included accessories and some bonuses when you purchase it.


It’s a fully computerized machine and these positives make it a versatile model. As I said before, I personally recommend it to new sewers as its comprehensive features can grow with your sewing skills. If you buy a very basic model, you may find it can’t match your needs when your skills are improved. This one has many advanced features so it can save you money in the future.

Beginners and sewers with experience of older machines only may think it’s difficult to get started because of its full automation. Well, the fact is it’s easy to learn and you can start practise within several hours. What’s more, you have a 25-year limited warranty.

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