Brother LS2125i Sewing Machine Review


It is a common sense that an item with high price means high quality and more functions, but sometimes it’s just a waste of money because you will never use some of its advanced features. Brother LS2125i is a very basic and cheap sewing machine; it costs less than $70. However if you think it’s useless, then you are wrong. It is good rated on Amazon and has more than 800 customer reviews. Let’s check why it is so popular.

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As said above, Brother LS2125i is pretty basic, so it only has 10 built-in stitches. But they come with various types, including essential stitches, quilting stitches and decorative stitches. What’s more, it offers a buttonhole stitch that can be used to make unlimited buttons with simple four steps. A button fitting foot is included to help you deal with creating buttons.

Unlike Brother CS6000i (Read review here), this one has no LCD screen attached, but the built-in dial offers you the convenience to select the stitch as well. By turning the dial, you can easily finish the stitch selection job. This model is fitted with an easy bobbin winding system. Once the upper thread and bobbin set are ready, turning the button to the right direction will finish the task. The whole process is super easy and reliable and it only takes seconds.

A big advantage of this particular machine is its tension control dial. The main purpose of the dial is to help you maintain the smoothness of the stitches you choose. Turning it to the left will decrease tension and turning to the right to increase if you want. The default setting works for most projects but you can easily adjust it if in case you need.

Although it is a cheap item, it has many accessories included. A foot pedal is provided to help you control the sewing speed. The built-in free arm assists you to copy with smaller cylindrical items. Other bonuses include 3 presser feet, a needle pack, a darning plate and twin needles. An instruction guide is offered as well to help you get started quickly.

This is one of the best beginners sewing machines. It is true it has just very basic features, but it’s good enough to handle with some regular home projects, like alterations to clothing. If you just need a basic machine, then this could be your best choice.