Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Electric Sewing Machine Review

Brother CS5055PRW Overview

To create high-end fashionable clothes at an affordable price, you can try the Brother Project Runway’s computerized sewing machine. For the complete range of couture-level solutions, you can convert your sense of style into runway-ready and one-of-a-kind fashionable clothes. The CS5055PRW sewing machine provides superior ease of use with its reliable and easy threading of bottom and top threads as well as the virtually effortless sewing.

The machine works on a wide range of fabrics and can professionally add high-quality zippers, button holes, and decorative top stitching to all of your designs. The sewing machine is lightweight and compact and can be easily carried anywhere. With a warranty of up to twenty-five years, the product is designed to be durable and last for a long time.

Easy-View LCD

You can choose from the built-in stitches using the intuitive push button and see the selection displayed on the LCD screen. Not only that, but the informative LCD displays all the relevant data including the stitch type, width, and length of the stitch. It also provides guidance for using the appropriate foot for different stitch types.

Stitch Chart

The machine features a chart indicating all the built-in stitches to pick from. This stitch chart is printed right on the machine so that you can use it for quick reference and make the stitch selection you want to.

Brother CS5055PRW Sewing Machine Specifications

• Fifty built-in stitches featured including a wide range of decorative, utility, quilting and heirloom stitch options.

• The entire selection of built-in stitches is printed on the machine for easy access and reference.

• Select the desired stitch using the information on the LCD as well as adjust the stitch to your requirements.

• Up to six specialty sewing feet included with the sewing machine.

• The machine has a small footprint, a convenient carrying handle, and an extremely lightweight design.

• Ideal for carrying from one place to another; suitable for taking to your stitching classes.

• The machine features an easy-view LCD display with an intuitive stitch selector.

• The stitch chart, including all the built-in stitches that are available to you, is printed right on the machine for quick and easy reference.

• LED lights included to illuminate the workspace so that you can work even the smallest details perfectly. It’s also useful with darker fabrics.

• Easy threading using just one touch of the lever. Built-in automatic needle threader will push the thread through the needle’s eye.

• Quick-set top bobbin lets you drop the bobbin, pull the yarn through a slot and just start sewing.

• Five custom-sized buttonholes to stitch neat and consistent buttonholes.

• Vertical spool pin ensures consistent feeding.


With features that make stitching so much easier, the sewing machine goes out of its way to provide comfort and ease of use with its brilliant features and the compact, lightweight design. With built-in stitches and easy threading, the Runway CS5055PRW is the sewing machine designed for superior and high-end fashion sewing and stitching.

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