Brother Project Runway PC420PRW 294-Stitch Professional Grade Computerized Sewing Machine Review

Brother PC420PRW Overview

Sewing machines are getting more and more advanced and feature packed, and that’s true for Brother PC420PRW as well. It’s a computerized sewing machine that is designed to deliver the perfect stitch every single time. With features such as direct stitch selection buttons, you can use your preprogrammed stitches with just a single touch.

But that’s not all as the sewing machine also offers the My Custom Stitch option that’s a lucrative feature for all designers who love sewing. Design your very own stitches with the help of a built-in LCD panel and have it stitched in no time. This and many more features and perfect stitching are what you get with this sewing machine.

My Custom Stitch

The machine is ideal for designers who love to create their own stitches as it lets you create your own stylish designs using the built-in LCD display. You can also save these designs and use them later by just a touch of a button.

The machine also features up to 294 stitches that are built-in and can be easily accessed at any time through the LCD display.

Powerful Stitching

The machine features eleven presser feet and can stitch up to 850 stitches/minute. Pressure adjustment system for the presser foot is also available as well as one-handed threading system and the F.A.S.T bobbin system.

Variable speed control for sewing without using the foot controller is also provided. In short, the machine has easy threading and adjustable speed control that make stitching easier than ever before. You can also use the machine for parallel stitches with its twin needle function.

Brother Project Runaway PC420PRW Specifications

• It’s a professional-grade computerized sewing machine that delivers consistent and couture-level stitch quality.

• The sewing machine comes with eleven presser feet, full set of sewing accessories, and a hard case.

• The machine’s maximum capability is 850 stitches per minute.

• The sewing machine has a metal frame construction.

• Easy-to-use LED display and dual LED lighting system for the workspace.

• Use the LED display for stitch selection.

• Exceptional feeding system for the fabric.

• Pressure adjustment feature for presser foot.

• Easy, next-generation one-handed threading system and F.A.S.T bobbin system.

• Variable speed control for sewing without using the foot controller.

• Illuminated start and stop feature for sewing.

• 294 built-in stitches with up to ten styles for one-step auto-size button holes and three lettering styles.

• My Custom Stitch feature for designing your custom stitches.

• Up to 25 years of warranty and free customer support are available.


Available for less than $400, the sewing machine is the complete package for sewing lovers, especially the ones who like to create their own stitching designs. With tons of stitching features including the feature to create and save custom designs, the machine has a lot to offer.

It may not be the most affordable sewing machine, but it’s a high-end product designed for stitching and designing of the highest-quality couture level.

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