Best Computerized Sewing Machine

Automation is everywhere. It’s even made its way into sewing in the form of computerized sewing machines. They transform menial tasks you would otherwise have to do yourself – like thread tensioning – which is very helpful for beginners.

Also, computerized sewing machines can store various embroidery patterns within their memory for you to use at your convenience. Some can even download new ones from the Internet. It’s that awesome.

High-Tech Computers

What you need to look for a computerized sewing machine is the computer! Genius, we know. But since you’re buying one of these bad boys to automate otherwise boring tasks, you should look how sophisticated a computer you have. This helps with choosing the right machine that will give you the least amount of headache.

You can figure out the sophistication by taking a look at the built-in design features. More doesn’t always mean better, but it does give you a general idea of what each sewing machine can offer you. With this article, you can figure out – based on your needs – what computerized unit will work best for you.

Why should you bang your head to find the best sewing machine? Those days are no longer! We created this article specifically to help simplify your decision.

We’ve researched hard and deep for the best machines, and we’re sure you’ll find your dream machine on this list.

Old school: Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist

Singer 9960

Singer sewing machines have been associated with the industry as far back as the 1850s. They are almost synonymous. While in the past they made great quality mechanical products, usually characterized by their name in cast iron. They have transitioned into the modern age, and this product is just an example of their remaining quality.

  • Strong and sturdy construction

We all know that the motor is the most important part of a machine. This can cause a lot of vibration. While not enough to compromise your work, it is enough to make it significantly less comfortable.

The Singer 9960 doesn’t have this issue due to its heavy-duty metal frame. It also gives it a more premium feel, which is nice.  The stainless-steel bedplate makes funning fabric over it really smooth.

  • Tension control

This model redefines smooth and easy by already programming the tension based on string type and width. All that translates to virtually no manual work required! If you happen to not like the automated tension control, you can always manually override the automatic settings.

  • Automatic needle positioning

The automatic needle position is a game changer. It works by allowing you to position the needle slightly left or right of the center. Long are the days where you have to manually move your needle to align with the stitches. It does that for you!

This is very helpful since it helps you with the alignment of your stitches. Some machines will even give you the option to select whether the needle will be at the top or bottom position at the end of your stitch.

  • Automatic Threader

No more losing your eyesight and nerves when trying to thread a needle with an automatic threader. Just have the machine do the annoying part and kick back as you enjoy your ‘sewing.’

  • Problems?

Some people have reported that a small number of machines have a problem with the bobbins. The main claim is that the bobbin jams up or simply stops working shortly after purchase. If this happens to you just be quick to let them know so you can get a new one. Otherwise, it’s just a continuation of the old Singer touch of quality.


  • Heavy-Duty Metal Frame
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Digital information adviser
  • Extension table


  • No reverse stitching
  • Bad buttonhole quality


Stick with a name you can trust. This quality item is strong, sturdy, and has every feature you could ever want intricately packed in a sleek, metal shell. There are a few caveats, as with any machine, but the quality and automated features you’re getting is a gamer changer. Get this model now, and you’ll understand why Singer has become a household name!

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Budget pick: Brother CS6000i

Brother CS6000i

Brother is a Japanese company specializing in all kinds of computer related electronics, but primarily focusing on computerized sewing machines. These guys definitely know what they’re talking about. Just by looking at the brand’s history and sewing machine line, know the Brother CS600i will give you an unparalleled experience.

  • Sewing Rethought

The traditional model of sewing with your hands and controlling the machine with your foot on the pedal is over. This unit remade how sewing machines work from the inside out.

Rather than using the traditional methods, this model redefines the word computerized, utilizing a start/stop button and a speed slider and that’s it. Your legs are no longer needed. No back breaking work with your hands. Just push and forget about it.

  • Price category underdog

This is a perfect product if you’re on a budget and want to stay fashionable at the same time. But keep in mind, your hands may get dirty.

You can choose from over 60 built-in stitches for sewing. They even include a triple stitch, so you can reinforce the ones you’ve already done. Pick from over 7 buttonhole stitches and make new places for buttons!

With all these options, you can have a different wardrobe every year without having to buy new clothes. And after years of using up your old clothes, you can still make a quilt. The only requirement is your creativity and imagination.

  • The best automatic buttonhole system around

We all fuss about making a buttonhole. It’s hard, tedious, and just simply not fun to do with persistent problems. The geniuses at Brother decided to automate this menial task with a push of a button and do it right. Yes, you read that right. Just press a button, in one process, it will automatically resolve that buttonhole problem.

This is especially surprising as most machines have problems with this system. Either the system is very prone to mistakes, or it just makes an awful buttonhole. That’s not the case with this unit, standing out from the pack by turning the buttonhole system problem into history.


  • Extremely Beginner Friendly
  • Bilingual manual (English and Spanish)
  • Excellent buttonhole system
  • No pedals for easy access and portability


  • 120V only
  • Dim light and poor placement of the LCD


Save your wallet and your closet with this amazing machine. Regardless of your budget or ability, this is a perfect device for anyone – especially beginners.

Although the built-in light is kind of dim, that’s something that you can easily fix with a few adjustments. See how easy Brother makes sewing for you today – your wallet will thank you later!

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Bang for your buck: Brother HC1850

Brother HC1850

This feature packed machine will get you the most out of sewing without breaking the bank. It offers 130 stitches, 8 presser feet, a built-in monogramming sewing font, a wide table, a bright LCD display and so much more. That’s with stopping for air and that’s not even the best of it.

  • Easy for Beginners

The HC1850 stands out by being “beginner friendly.” If you’re just starting out with sewing, especially with the computerized machines, it can get quite confusing. Brother has made a completely free, integrated course DVD so that you can use your machine out of the box!

  • At a Snail’s Pace

Maybe you just want to make little precise sews, or maybe you’re just a beginner and don’t quite know how much to grip the fabric yet. The worst thing to do is give you a fast-paced, modern machine. This unit is a refreshing gust of fresh air with a reduced pace that could help you inculcate the basics quickly.

Once you get the hang of the basics, you can then slowly move into the more advanced stuff. This machine gives you the option to adjust the stitches’ width, length, and the overall speed of the machine. While the 3-speed setting is great when you’re starting out, the better you get at it, the more you’ll see that you need a faster machine. Going fast is this machine’s Achilles’ heel.

  • So Many Built-in Stitches

For some projects, you don’t need a straight stitch. In this case, it’s a lot easier to have the machine do that for you. For example, a zig-zag stitch can be done a lot faster when automated.

Most people, including veteran sewers, will only use a handful of stitches. But with this item, you can always find new ways to sew ever more intricate lines to create something truly unique.


  • Wide table
  • Instructional DVD
  • Tons of Stitch Patterns including Monogramming


  • A bit slow for more experienced sewers
  • Reverse button only works on some stitches


Exercise your creative rights with all of the patterns this machine can offer, including lovely monogramming! Use all your favorite quotes and even your own name to make personal designs.

With the wide work area, speed settings, and instructional DVD, it’ll be a piece of cake. Pick up your mom’s tradition of sewing your name into your underwear today with this great device!

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Eastern star: Janome Magnolia 7330

Janome Magnolia 7330

You just know some people will buy it just for the delightful Magnolia on the side. Maybe that’s how it got its name! Even after that purchase, you won’t get buyer’s remorse. You will get a top-quality product made in Japan/Taiwan/Thailand.

  • Japanese engineering

The machine offers a solid number of stitches (30), 6 buttonholes, up/down needle position and direct stitch selection buttons. It also shows off its automatic features. The auto-lock and auto-declutch bobbin winder will leave you wondering how a computerized sewing machine can go for so long without jamming or causing you problems. What a pleasant surprise!

  • Bobbin winder perfection

No need for separate bobbin winding tools. Just get a machine that does the bobbin winding by itself and has a drop-in system. It makes sewing A LOT easier. The Janome Magnolia 7330 is a perfect example of how smooth this can make the whole sewing process.

Janome was one of the first companies to use a round bobbin instead of a long shuttle back. And while other companies’ products can have a problem with bobbins tangling, being hard to replace, or simply not working properly, the Janome doesn’t have this problem. Just wind it, pop open the little lid and drop it in.

  • Decent fabrics support

This machine supports a wide variety of materials. These include:

  1. Natural Fibers (cotton, wool, linen)
  2. Fine Fabrics (silk, satin, velvet)
  3. Synthetic Fabrics (lends, rayon, polyester)
  4. Medium to Heavyweight Knits and Upholstery

That should have you covered for the most part. But unfortunately, the machine can’t do:

  1. Leather/Suede
  2. Fur
  3. Reptile Skin
  4. Canvas/Twill
  5. Plastic and Rubber
  6. Extra Thick Fabric or Multiple Layers
  • Just your everyday machine?

An excellent, lightweight (18.2 lbs/8.2kg), sturdy machine good for beginners and seasoned sewers alike. This is the machine that the average sewer/quilter should want. It might not have all of the features that luxury models offer. However, it does offer all the bells and whistles to get any job done.


  • A good number of decorative stitches (and the flower on the side is pretty too)
  • Lightweight
  • Handles Numerous Materials and Fabrics


  • No manual tension controls
  • Slightly Expensive


This is truly a powerhouse device. Just about any fabric around your house will run under the needle-like butter. It’s claimed to continuously run and run without snagging or jamming, so you save a lot of time and aggravation.

Its reliability along with the company’s reputation for playing a large role in innovating sewing machines puts this model in the spotlight. You can’t possibly go wrong with a machine designed by the best, for the very best!

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All-out: Janome DC2014

Janome DC2014

If you want a highly customizable machine that’s specifically designed for professionals – this is your machine. Janome returns with yet another amazing product: The Janome DC2014.

This unit is specifically designed for professionals, promising stability, reliability, and more features than you can imagine!

  • Does it come with accessories?

It also comes with a quality 2 pack of Janome bobbins and a 3 pack of size 14 needles. Be it garment sewing, quilting, scrapbooking or doing home decoration. Whatever the project you’re working on, you’ll find the extra bobbins and needles incredibly useful!

  • Various choice of color

If you’re tired of the standard black and white colors in a sewing machine, you’re in for a surprise! This unit removes that ugly standard, offering a large variety of colors to choose from based on the model. You can finally add your favorite color to give your machine a unique personality.

Currently, the item comes with all purple accents. If you aren’t a fan of purple check out the other models from the line:

  1. Pink (2011)
  2. Green (2012)
  3. Blue (2013)
  4. Red (2015)

After all, you’re investing a lot in what will become your best friend – the computerized sewing machine – for years to come. Just like a wedding ring, might as well get it in a color you love.

  • For the professional seamstress at your door

The machine comes with everything you need to become a professional seamstress. Customizable colors, accessories, a sturdy and light build, and personality. If you need to move the machine, it comes stacked with its own hard carrying case.

This makes sewing on the go not only possible but easy. Almost all of the settings on this model is customizable and resilient. You will never run into the problem of carrying your machine somewhere only to realize that it is not up to the job. The machine adapts like a transformer.


  • Easy reverse
  • Purple color variety
  • 1/4″ foot for sewing seams for quilts
  • Superior feed system and stitch quality


  • Expensive
  • An automatic thread cutter should be included at this price point


Ready to have your expectations fully surpassed? Not only does this machine perform extremely well on normal projects, but it quilts too! It even comes with all of the accessories you need for the job.

If you want to sew but aren’t sure that quilting is in your future, this gives you the freedom to choose. Buy it today, and you’ll open an entirely new world full of excitement and fun!

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Computers change everything. Even your grandma’s favorite activity – sewing. They have made it easier and available to more people than ever before.

Beginners are no longer discouraged to start. If they do choose to start, they can easily advance their skills faster than traditional methods. This may make your granny jealous, regardless this is an unprecedented achievement for all seamstresses. It turns a rather dreadful, lengthy job into a very fast, and efficient sewing process.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fashionista, or just very creative, any machine you choose on this list will serve as your trusty tool to unleash your inner Picasso!