Best Portable Sewing Machine

Are you the type that hems clothes for friends and family wherever you go? Do you find yourself itching to work on a quilt or skirt but you don’t have room to do your bulky sewing machine justice? Would you like to start crafting but don’t have the space?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then a small portable sewing machine will brighten your day! But different models have their own unique identity. Which sewing machine is the right one for you? To figure that out, let’s take a look at what you can expect from a good portable unit.

Portable Sewing Machines – Light Weight & Small Dimensions

Regular machines are heavy and hard to travel with. The heavy duty units have metal bodies and weigh a lot. They’re better suited for a “set it and forget it” routine where you don’t move it around often. Second, they can take up a lot of space in your home.

However, portable units are small and light enough for you to carry around in a messenger bag, supplies included! Some even give you the option to power them with batteries. Even if you’re away from a socket, you still have a chance to sew your heart out.

Whether you’re a beginner or expert, finding a machine with portable feature that doesn’t sacrifice quality can be daunting. But this post is a good place to start your new journey!

At your side: The Brother CS6000i

Brother CS6000i

Do you enjoy flexing your creative spirit? Are you the type that makes clothing and handbags to show off your inner spark? Whether you’re laying down basic stitches to piece together a new handbag or applying appliques to make your jacket pop, this unit won’t let you down.

  • A Tool for Every Occasion

The Brother CS6000i has a varied yet easy-to-navigate menu system filled to the brim with 60 sewing patterns! This includes all the basic stitches you need and dozens of decorative stitches. The unit also features a drop-in bobbin that is jam-resistant and easy to access.

In addition to that, you’ll receive nine sewing feet and an accessory pouch filled with sewing needles and essential tools to let you express yourself right away. What more could you want?

Brother is a leading brand in many fields, and that name comes with a price. It is worth every penny.


  • Bright LCD Display
  • Extra Accessories
  • Jam-resistant drop-in bobbin
  • Variable speed control
  • Easy-to-Navigate Menus

A Step Above

Get everything you need and more with this fantastic model! It’ll match your regular machine’s performance anywhere you go. Speed control and a bright LCD display make it even more convenient to show off all of the fancy stitch patterns.

Why hide your creativity? Buy this portable machine now!

Heavy Duty On-the-Go: Happybuy Bag Closing Machine

Happybuy Bag Machine

Are you the type that enjoys the outdoors and DIYs everything under the sun? Maybe you garden or farm, and you need some extra oomph when handling your supplies. If you are, look no further. Happybuy’s Bag Closing Machine is the industrial-strength device of your dreams.

  • Strong with a Capital S

This unit comes with a synchronous belt, a secant knife, and all the other tools you’ll need to get started on any heavy-duty project that you can think of.  So if you feel like upping your crafting game, this machine is also great for working with upholstery fabric.

  • What’s the Catch?

In contrast to some models, this item isn’t for beginners or decorative projects. Its only stitch speed is fast because it only handles basic stitches. Nevertheless, it’s also very easy to handle.


  • Runs quietly
  • Handles Hefty Projects
  • Great for use on farms and outdoors


  • Lack of stitch variety
  • Speed isn’t adjustable

This powerhouse can handle any job, anywhere, anytime. If you spend a lot of time working and playing outdoors, you’d be crazy not to own one of these. Who says you can’t repair your gloves during a hunt?

Even on a brisk morning when you’re up in the stand, it’s quiet enough that it won’t scare wildlife away.

See for yourself today, and you won’t regret!

Last Words

When sewing is your go-to hobby, a good sewing machine is essential. Maybe you don’t have the time to sit down and sew in one place for long. Maybe you don’t have room for a bulky model. While sewing by hand is an option, it can take a long time to get anything done.

All in all, you shouldn’t feel like you’re stuck crafting at home. Your options are stylish, straightforward and above all, powerful.  Most of all, they can be used anywhere! If you want to sew on the go, make sure you have a portable device you can count on!

Finally, our recommendation is CS6000i.