Best Quilting Machines Reviews

Quilting is a fun project for people of all ages, lifestyles, interests, and budgets. That’s the magic of a quilt – no matter who you are, a quilt is a quirky way to express yourself. They can be as custom or as simple as you desire. Nothing adds as bold a statement to a room as a gorgeous quilt.

In order to make those bold statements, you need the best sewing machine for quilting on the market! With so many options, accessories, and settings available, your head is surely bound to spin. That’s why we have to cut through the noise and find what makes a good quilt.

Fortunately, we’ve identified the one attribute that all machines have that will bring your quilts to the next level!

The Best Quilting Machine Has A Large Throat Space

The “throat space” is also known as its “harp space”. This is simply the distance from the needle to the edge of the machine.

The smaller the throat space, the harder it’ll be to maneuver your material. The bigger this space is, the more room you will have to move material through the machine.

Regular sewing machines offer about 6 inches of throat space. However, quilting machines offer over 11 inches of throat space sort of like your favorite rock bands – they turn the dial up to 11!

While high-tech and otherwise fancy accessories and settings can be appealing, don’t let them distract you from the essentials.

Using the throat space as a ground to reality, you’re ready to start browsing! There are other features that are convenient, but not necessary. In the following list, we’ll uncover the good, the bad, and the ugly of the best units.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, rich or poor, there is the perfect machine out there just for you!

Back to Basics: Juki TL-2010Q

Juki TL-2010Q

Do you hate fighting with new technologies that are often more cumbersome than helpful? Most of the time, it seems like the most “advanced” options are the ones that cause the most trouble. Unfortunately, they’re usually the most expensive to repair as well.

That is exactly the motto that Juki had in mind when they made this unit. It has everything you want without a lot of bells and whistles. An LED light illuminates its decently sized throat space of 8.5 by 6 inches. This gives you enough room to work with large and/or heavy materials.

  • Sturdy and Portable

Despite how heavy the fabrics are, its hefty weight of about 30lbs prevents the machine from vibrating out of place. Consequently, it prevents your stitching from skipping too.

If you’re intimidated by its weight, rest assured as the machine’s carrying handle is perfectly situated to evenly distribute the weight.

  • No Nonsense Footpedal

If durability and portability aren’t enough to convince you how great this machine is, then just wait. The foot pedal is adjustable to accommodate various pressures while working with speed control settings. Anyone who’s ever been in front of a sewing machine understands how frustrating the foot pedal fight can be.

  • Is There a Catch

Otherwise, the only negative comments about this unit are regarding the needle threader. Some customer complaints claim that it just takes a bit to get used to while others say it’s flawed. While learning how to operate the machine, the manual might not be the clearest either. However, there isn’t anything that YouTube can’t resolve.


  • Threads heavy fabrics effortlessly
  • Responsive Foot Pedal plus Speed Control
  • Comes with an Auxiliary Table
  • Built-in Carrying Handle
  • Automatic Thread Cutter


  • Tricky needle threader
  • Confusing manual


If you’re a beginner or have been out of the game for a while, you might struggle with this model. However, once you get past the tricky threader and find online resources to replace the manual, it becomes a piece of cake.

Other than those couple of snags, this machine has a lot to offer! It’s durable, sturdy, works on heavy fabrics, and along with a responsive foot pedal. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert, this unit will prove to be an indispensable part of your sewing routine!

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The Mid-Range Warrior: Brother PQ1500SL

Brother PQ 1500SL

Do you want top-dollar quality without paying the full dollar? It’s possible to have everything you could want from a sewing machine in a beautiful, budget-friendly package. Of course, you’ll have to sacrifice the fancy stitch settings, but you still get a load of additional accessories!

  • Additional Accessories and Good Throat Space

Along with accessories like needles, sewing feet, and more, you get a throat space of 8.75 by 6.5 inches. This is plenty of room to complete projects of any size or weight.

  • Automatic Threading and Easy Oil Maintenance

It won’t take you long to get to work either! This Brother machine saves you money and time. The automatic threading feature cuts out time on one of the most tedious parts of sewing. Then when it’s ready for oil, it won’t take hours of disassembly to accomplish. There are holes on the outside of the machine, so you can lube it up and keep on stitching!

  • Quick Stitching

If you’re in a hurry to throw something together, the maximum sewing speed of 1,500 stitches per minute will get the job done fast! No other machine will save you the time that this one does.

  • Is There a Catch

Unfortunately, there are two common complaints about this unit concerning the bobbin and automatic thread cutter. The thread cutter sometimes cuts the thread so short that it comes out of the needle. This can easily be remedied through a quick google search.

On the other hand, the bobbin seems to be a crowd splitter – some love it and others hate it. Complaints come from those who want to see their bobbin while sewing. It rests behind an opaque cover and makes a “click” noise when it’s empty. Praises come from those who like the convenience of side-set bobbins.


  • Convenient access holes for oiling
  • Quick sewing speed
  • Heavy-Duty Metal Frame
  • Knee Lever


  • Bobbin cannot be seen while sewing
  • Thread cutter cuts too short


This affordable machine is harder, better, faster, and stronger! The heavy-duty metal frame and accessible oiling holes make it easy to maintain while its quick speed smokes the competition! It even gives you the option of using a knee lever rather than a foot pedal if you prefer.

It’s fast, sturdy, convenient, and designed for maximal comfort – what more can you ask for?

Pick one up today to see what all the hype is about!

The Artist’s Friend: Singer 7469Q

Singer 7469Q

The lack of options some other machines offer can get really boring, really quick. Do you want a wide range of stitches and buttonholes you can incorporate into your work? You can have all of that and more without a lot of complex computers and buttons.

  • Creative Options and Included Accessories

This quilter has a very small LCD screen where you can choose up to 98 built-in stitch patterns and 7 one-step buttonholes. If this still doesn’t provide enough artillery for your creative side, it comes with tons of accessories as well. Nine sewing feet, a quilting guide, and more come along with this awesome machine.

  • Strong and Steady

Although the LCD screen is very small and the electronics of this item are fairly simple, it might still concern a few people. Usually, just about anything with too much electronic flair seems to fry out before its simpler counterparts, right? Not with this quilter!

Its heavy-duty metal frame prevents most drops and accidents from bothering your machine. This means the simple electronics that do exist are very safe from harm!

  • Is There a Catch

Unfortunately, there are a couple of snags to this unit. It has a throat space of 6 by 6 inches, which is smaller than the competition. However, this is only an issue if you plan on making king-size quilts or other large projects. Smaller quilts will work just fine.

Additionally, there are customer complaints about the walking foot. It tends to jump and skip, causing uneven lines and bunching fabric. Some claim to have resolved this simply with a screwdriver and a few minutes of attention.


  • Relatively cheap
  • LCD screen
  • Comes with an Auxiliary Table
  • Heavy-Duty Metal Frame


  • Small Throat Space
  • Customer Complaints about Walking Foot


Get the benefits of a computerized model without paying the price of one! Although the screen is relatively small, the computer still allows you to do more than a basic, manual machine. The heavy-duty frame will protect its intricate insides while you get to work!

However, be prepared to deal with less throat space than what the competition to offer. Although it could easily be overlooked, it might make the difference on your next big project. Either way, that’s about all you’ll have to sacrifice for an otherwise amazing deal.

Take advantage of this unit today before it’s gone!

The Professional Powerhouse: Janome JNHMC7700QCP

Janome JNHMC7700QCP

How serious are you about quilting and dressmaking? If your abilities are at least above average, you’ve probably reached a point where you’re wondering what’s next. You’re ready for a challenge that will raise your quilting potential. Luckily, theres a sewing machine matching your passion for completing a large variety of high-quality products.

Honestly, this machine will blow the mind of even the most experienced sewers and quilters!

  • Huge, Brightly Lit Workspace

You won’t ever have to worry about built-in lights shadowing your work ever again! There are five LED lights in three different areas of the humungous, 11-inch throat space. No matter what time of day or night you work, you’ll clearly see every single stitch as you pedal on! Unlike some competition, these stitches will vary from the conventional straight line.

Believe it or not, you can choose from 250 stitch patterns plus three different fonts. At 1,000 stitches per minute, imagine all the unique creations you could whip out in a week’s time!

  • Quality Pressure Foot and Lock Stitch Key

No matter what kind of project you put on this unit, it can handle the task effortlessly. Even with a large bulk of materials, they will not bunch up under the pressure foot. Watch your quilt slide under the needle like butter!

They even make finishing a breeze. There is a lock stitch key, programmable automatic thread tie-off, and memorized needle up and down. Is that not enough? The automatic thread cutter is not only programmable but also pulls the thread through for you!

  • Is There a Catch

This is a very high quality quilting machine. It’s one of the best sewing machines for quilting for only the best quilters. The only thing that might scare someone off is the high price tag. It’s relatively expensive but well worth every single penny.

This is not something for beginners. If you really want to improve your quilting skills or your personal business, this is one investment you’ll never regret!


  • Five LED lamps
  • Hundreds of stitch pattern options
  • LCD Screen
  • Double Accessory Storage
  • Huge Throat Space


  • Expensive

Best Quality For The Best Quilters

The throat space on this monster blows the competition out of the water! If that’s not enough, it comes with storage space for accessories and five meticulously placed LED lamps. These bright lights allow you to see the hundreds of stitch patterns you’re able to apply to your most beautiful quilts!

If you have a big budget, get it from Amazon now!

The Full Package: Juki HZL-F600

Juki HZL-F600

What do you want out of life? Do you grasp at every opportunity or just sit and watch the world turn? There’s an opportunity you can’t miss. It offers everything you could possibly want from a sewing machine in one, neat package.

Improve your personal business, practice your sewing skills, and create anything you can imagine. The features and other attributes of this Juki machine make it all so simple!

  • Big Workspace with Box Feed Technology

The large throat space of 8 by 12.25 inches allows you to pass any fabric under the needle without effort. No bunching, no tearing, no problems! Thanks to its box feed technology, this model is especially known for its delicacy with thin, dainty materials. This is something the competition just can’t promise. Anything from lace to leather will be handled with great care!

What you can choose to do with these fabrics is nearly endless! Four different fonts and 225 stitch patterns are available at your disposal. If that’s not enough, you also get 16 buttonholes that you can use automatically or manually!

  • Lightweight and Quiet

Even though this machine is a real powerhouse, it doesn’t have to brag about it. Throughout the entire project, it hardly makes any noise. Since it barely weighs about 30lbs, you can work this mousy machine anywhere!

  • Is There a Catch

This Juki product is so great that finding negative reviews is nearly impossible. As far as the way it functions, there are absolutely no qualms.

Actually, the only complaint known is that it offers too much! Even for the most creative people, some of the stitch patterns are said to be too wild for normal use. Maybe you can put them to the test and find a use for them!


  • 16 Automatic or Manual Buttonholes
  • Industrial yet Lightweight
  • Quiet
  • 225 Stitch Patterns plus Four Fonts
  • Box Feed Design


  • Some Stitch Patterns Irrelevant for Most Projects


This machine leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. Setup is easy due to its lightweight while its industrial design keeps it sturdy. This also helps keep your fabrics safe from snags and jams while you work.

Its box feed design assists in this as well and sets it apart from the competition. The only downside doesn’t even affect its functionality either! It comes with hundreds of patterns to choose from, including monogramming, but there are probably a lot you’ll never use. That’s not a bad deal!

Try it for yourself today and see what you’ve been missing!


Why hold yourself back any longer? Whip out quilt after beautiful, quirky quilt today with one of these fantastic devices. They’ll make it easy and affordable to start a new hobby or hone old skills. It’s also a practical and environmentally-friendly practice.

When you find the right one, you’ll never waste another old t-shirt, bedsheet, or any other fabrics you’d otherwise trash! Revive these old friends with the best quilting machine with a meaningful purpose – warming your lap and the hearts of others.