Best Singer Sewing Machines Reviews of 2017

I still remember when I was 6 years old I saw my mom making pants for me using a Singer sewing machine. That was my first memory of this well-known brand. Singer Corporation was founded in 1851 by Isaac Merritt Singer and Edward Clark, a lawyer in New York. It’s a world’s leading sewing machine manufacturer. Honestly it was complained by producing cheap plastic machines, but in recent years, it changes its marketing strategies to rebuild its reputation. It focuses more on making quality machines. Therefore there are some outstanding models manufactured that are highly rated by consumers.

Best 3 Singer Sewing Machines

After analyzing feedbacks from customers on popular online sellers, including Amazon, eBay and Best Buy, and comparing their features, we conclude a list of the best 3 Singer machines. Let’s check the following comparison table first.

ModelBuilt-in StitchesStitches per MinuteAuto Needle ThreadingLCD DispalyFree ArmIncluded Presser Feet
Singer 7258
Singer 4411
Singer 9960

At a glance

Singer 7258 is a computerized model to let you take the full advantages of its potential. It can be programmed to stop the needle in either down or up position. This will give you convenience for removing fabric and pivoting. It also has 7 sized buttonhole styles included to allow you to make unlimited buttons. If you look at the image of it, you will notice there is an LED screen on it. It displays your selection of the stitch and your stitch setting, such as the width and length. It has a built-in LED lamp as well that can illuminate the sewing surface. No need to worry about that the bulb will get hot when you use it for a long period as it always stays cool. Actually, the bulb can last for up to 100,000 hours.

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It has a convenient bobbin winding system on the top with a clear cover, so it’s easy for you to monitor the bobbin thread supply. It comes with 10 presser feet that can match all your needs. It’s really easy to thread this machine and it offers an automatic needle threader. A printed guide will be offered when you buy it. Thanks to its metal frame, you don’t need to worry about its durability any more. Its built-in on-board storage gives your extra space to save your accessories.

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Singer 4411. This machine is a true workhorse. It can deal with whatever you throw at it. This is simply because it has a heavy-duty metal interior frame and powerful motor. One of its most positive features is its extra-high sewing speed that can goes up to 1,100 stitches per minute. Additionally it has a stainless steel bedplate so you will feel it’s very smooth when you feed fabric. It includes a top drop-in bobbin and on-board storage like Singer 7258.

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You can use this model to make fabulous buttons with simple four steps automatically. You will also be offered a free arm to give you options to access cuffs, hems and other areas that a fixed arm cannot provide. One feature cannot be skipped is that no matter when you sew lightweight or heavy fabrics, you can easily adjust the presser foot pressure as it has this function included.

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Singer 9960. This electronic and automatic machine has everything you need. It only takes 6 seconds to thread itself from the spool to the needle’s eye with its built-in automatic needle threader. It comes with 600 stitches that give you the maximum creativity. You can also utilize the stitch editing feature to control the exact look of your stitch patterns. Additionally you will get 13 buttonholes with perfect sizes. With one simple step, you are able to make beautiful buttons. Loading the bobbin can be easy with its convenient system. You will find a transparent cover too so you can easily monitor the whole work.

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With the help of its LCD screen, you can choose the stitch, set its width and length, select presser foot and so on. One notable feature is it includes 18 presser feet free. This gives endless possibilities. With its automatic thread cutter, you can trim threads with ease. If you have many quilting projects, then you will definitely love its extension table. This offers extra-large area for your sewing activities. This one has many comprehensive functions, so its price is a little of high when compared to other two machines. If you have enough budgets, then just go for it.

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Singer is an established brand so you can get quality after-sales support. If you have a preference for this brand, just choose a best sewing machine from the above options. All of them have very positive feedbacks on Amazon and some of them are for sale currently. The promotion will save you huge money. If you don’t believe me, just check yourself to find out.