SINGER 8763 Curvy Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine Review

Introduction Of Singer 8763

Sewing machines are not only supposed to deliver a good stitch, but they are also required to make our lives easier, be it through the lightweight design that is easy to carry or the automatic stitching that gives a near perfect stitch at all times. For home sewing or professionals, the Singer 8763 is the right sewing machine, and it has all the features that you need in a modern sewing machine.

With its lightweight, small and compact design, the Singer 8763 Sewing Machine doesn’t take up much space, and it’s extremely portable as well. Available for less than $200, the sewing machine by Singer is an ideal solution for anyone who wants easy and high-quality sewing in a small portable package.

SwiftSmart Threading System

Use of digital technology is not something new in sewing machines, but this machine uses it in the best way with its SwiftSmart Threading System. If you have ever sewed on a traditional machine, you’ll know how much of a headache it is to thread the yarn. However, with the Singer 8763 Sewing Machine, all you need to do is press the threading lever after guiding the thread from the spool to the needle area by passing it through a single groove.The Automatic Needle Threader system in the machine will automatically thread the yarn through the eye of the needle, and all of this will only take a few seconds.


While it’s packed with features as well, the 8763 Sewing Machine doesn’t compromise at all on the accessories included, and there’s pretty much everything you need for easy sewing. The package includes an all-purpose foot, buttonhole foot, zipper foot, satin stitch foot and a blind hem foot.

A pack of needles, thread spool caps, class 15J bobbins, auxiliary spool pin, darning plate, spool pin felt, needle plate screwdriver, lint brush/seam ripper, soft-sided dust cover, power cord, foot control and an instruction manual are provided with the sewing machine.

Specifications Of Singer 8763 Sewing Machine

• Thirty built-in stitches are featured in the machine.

• Popular quilting stitches, six essential stitches, seventeen decorative stitches, two buttonholes and five stretch stitches included.

• Two fully automatic one step buttonholes provide professional results at one touch.

• Adjustable stitch width and length for suitable stitch settings at all times.

• Drop and Sew bobbin system features automatic thread pick-up from bobbin to give quick threading.

• SwiftSmart Threading system with an Automatic Needle Threader to make threading frustration-free and extremely easy.

• Extra-high presser foot lifter for expert quilting.

• Three LED lights to provide proper workspace illumination.


With stitching features that will make sewing so much easier and convenient, the Singer 8763 Sewing Machine does a great job of delivering top quality and promising features at an affordable price. It has automatic and easy-to-operate features that make everything easier, including stitch selection and threading. It’s an affordable and high-quality product with a compact design but powerful features that have been designed for professionals as well as for home sewing.

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