Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist Sewing Machine Review

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The Singer 9960 is a fully computerized machine with nearly everything a sewer needs. Tasks, like threading a needle, loading the bobbin, all can be done automatically. Your creativity will decide the potential and power of this model. Let’s see why.

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Singer 9960 Main Features

Stitching pattern: it is fitted with 600 stitches including essential, decorative and stretch. It comes with four different alphanumeric fonts. You can view the stitch reference chart on the upper lid of the machine. Obviously these stitches can maximize your creativities easily. Whatever your project is, like home decoration, crafting and quilting, etc, you can find a perfect solution for it. Be creative!

Buttonhole system: it has 13 built-in buttonhole styles and all of them are perfectly sized and fully automated. It only takes one step to make a beautiful button. Although the whole process is simple, the result is always reliable and professional. What’s more, each side of a buttonhole will be sewn in the same direction. You will not find a gap in stitching because of this function.

Auto needle threader: it is really a headache to thread a needle traditionally. It may take you several times before you push the thread through the needle’s eye successfully. But this guesswork will be taken away by this model. It has an auto needle threader and this means it can make the needle threaded within seconds. Save time without troubling you.

More Benefits

The digital info advisor shows your stitch info clearly through the LCD screen.

The extension table helps you deal with large projects with convenience.

The easy-to-use bobbin system allows you to drop bobbins from the top. It includes a transparent cover to let you monitor the supply.

The auto thread cutter can trim the thread automatically when your sewing activity is finished.

It has so many positives that make it a very popular model. It includes a metal frame, a needle start/stop button, 18 presser feet, two LED lamps and a free arm, etc. Its sewing speed goes up to 850 stitches per minute. You can easily lock the decorative stitches if you want to prevent unravelling. You are also given an option to control the exact look of your stitch pattern with elongation by editing the stitch easily.


You may need to spend some time on learning it first if you are a beginner. A detailed guide will be offered to help you get started, so no need to worry. You may have guessed that its price can be a little high. That’s true if compared to Singer 4411. But considering its all positives, it is a best choice for individuals with enough budgets. So if you have a large budget, then just buy it directly. You will be satisfied by its potentials. By the way, more than 950 users on Amazon give it a very good rating.
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