Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Review

Brother Sewing wasn’t playing around as they released this model; The traditional, sturdy design speaks miles about the precision that went into crafting this specific model.

What is also important to mention, the reverable Project Runaway which tries its best to combine old and new into something better.

All that for a better shot at creating a future where you will no longer be bound by your age or interest regarding your hobbies.

Has their valiant effort proven to be fruitful? We’re about to get wind of that!

Brother CS5055PRW Review

Brother CS5055PRW Key Features

  • Respectable 15 Pounds Of Weight

Not skinny by any means but still portable enough to be considered flexible.

Judging by its proportions (19.5 x 10.8 x 16 inches), this unit trumps most other competitors when it comes to length, in their respective weight classes.

  • Unmanned Needle Threader

A must for newer models. Long are the days gone where you would have to spend hours trying to get the damn needle where it belongs!

  • LCD Over-watch System

Never be in doubt with a nice, informative screen noting every variable you enter into the machine.

  • LED Lights

Night and day are now interchangeable as you will always have a light source, ready to be used whenever you find need for it!

  • 50 Unique Stitches

Festering creativity but not overdoing it, I quite like the idea behind handing out just enough stitches to ensure that the user doesn’t get bored.

A nice touch.


  • Natural LED Light

By natural, I’m comparing the lightning sources you would usually get by the clean, bright and clear luminescence you obtain by handling this model.

Colored lights don’t tinkle my fancy and they are definitely not doing wonders for my eyesight.

Plainness is rarely preferred but in this case, it’s a huge plus!

  • Perfect For Stitching Coats/Shirts

A nifty little add-on I’ve found with this unit were the five perfectly aligned, custom tailored, buttonholes.

Take a plain white shirt and turn into a professional piece of article in one swell swoop!

  • Stitch Chart Very Resourceful For Newbies

Nobody likes being left out before they have even tasted the race, so I was really thrilled with the fifty illustrations portraying the various stitches available for use.

  • Feed System Aids Movement

Nothing like having to adjust your attire each and every time you want to make a new move.

The feed system helps keep things fast, efficient and most importantly, stress-free.


  • LCD Screen Could Be Bigger

This might be a bit of a pet peeve of mine, but I hate having to take out my special glasses just for reading the numbers on a tiny screen.

If they would upgrade the model in consideration of this issue, it would literally become perfection incarnate.


For all of you young folks that don’t have any sort of eyesight issues, this model really seals the deal in terms of convenience, quality, speed and quite frankly, enjoyment of the entire process.

Couldn’t recommend it more!

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