Brother Designio Series DZ2400 Review

Another cute addition to the Brother army, the DZ2400 impresses with its stylish and sleek design.

Although not the biggest of models, I can see why it is a fan favorite as the increased compactness suits the many versatile needs of an average user.

Brother DZ2400 Review

Brother DZ2400 Key Features

  • Lightweight At 10 Pounds

I literally couldn’t feel the weight under my arms, it was quite exhilarating to be able to bring this sewing machine alongside with me, on my many adventures.

  • Bobbing Winder

An excellent addition to the model, as playing with the bobbing pin is the last thing on our bucket list.

No time was wasted thanks to the efficiency of the tool.

  • A Plethora Of Stitches

Nothing can hinder your creative spirit more than the staleness of not having multiple options at your disposal.

  • Bi-lingual Manual

Available both in English and Spanish, it was quite easy to adapt to the many different language barriers that could arise.

  • Twelve Accessory Feet

The most important inclusion would have to be the extended table. I had already mentioned how difficult it can be to sew bigger apparel on a smaller sized machine.

Alongside with it, another eleven feet, like the zipper and zigzag foot, make this product what it is!

  • LCD Display

A customary in recent times, it’s pretty basic considering how far technology has advanced.


  • 185 Stitches? Sign Me Up Please!

This is just something out-of-this-world. I never thought that I could take sewing to such a deep level!

I have always been different (read: snobby) in terms of what satisfied me but the freedom this feature instills upon me is just mesmerizing!

  • Perfect For The Newbie!

I would be lying if I told you that this machine requires professional assistance. Quite on the contrary, its intuitive, enabling you to do many things impromptu!

  • 25 Year Warranty!

I had often asked myself, how the hell can these manufacturers live under such conditions? Is the build really that good?

Once I realized that this is Brother Sewing we are expressing our concerns about, a company that completely dominates the charts when it comes to this field, I was left speechless.


  • Not For The Professional!

To be completely honest with you, considering the price tag and everything, more cannot be expected from this unit.

If you are in need of something that is a bit shinier, I suggest exploring the PC420PRW, which is quite the beast if I’m to be honest.


This is a good beginner sewing machine!

How many times did I have to look at my nearest and dearest give up on sewing completely, just because they didn’t have the assistance and support they needed.

With the DZ2400, which strives to be intuitive and spontaneous, you no longer need to rely on anyone!

Making you the captain of your own ship, this model will bring out the maestro inside of you!

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