Brother HC1850 VS Brother CS6000i

What do we have here? Two siblings racing it out to see who the better one amongst them is?

That’s a race you wouldn’t want to miss and now you can get first row tickets just by reading this review; How great is that?!

Although the Brother HC1850 is the older, stronger and pricier model, the younger and more vivacious CS6000i has been outperforming him for a long time.

Not just him, but most of the other Brother models as well, being a bestseller and all.

I think that the main reason for such a disparity in rankings would have to be the branding; The CS6000i is more of a beginner model while the HC1850 isn’t really suited for the newbie.

While it is a strong pro for the CS6000i, we beg to ask if there is anything else that is making the difference?

Let’s find out!

HC1850 VS CS6000i Details Comparison Table

HC1850 CS6000i
Stitches 130 60
Stitch Width 7mm 7mm
Stitch Length 5mm 5mm
Control Slider Yes Yes
Auto Needle Threader Yes Yes
Buttonhole Styles 8 One-step 7 One-step
LCD Display Yes Yes
Free Arm Yes Yes
Included Feet 8 9
Drop Feed Yes Yes
Speed (stitches/min) 850 850
Amazon Reviews Over 750 Over 7,000

Built-In Stitches

Topping his younger brother with double the stitches (130 versus 60), the HC1850 is the definite winner is this department.

Not only does it have more fundamental stitches present but if we were to make the creativity argument, the CS6000i still doesn’t stand a chance.

I would like to point out that the way the stitches are represented on the model makes it seem as if the HC1850 is much more complicated than the competitor, which is not the case.

Case in point, the HC1850 has a monogrammed font which allows the user to simply take his sewing designs to the next level.

Does this make the machine in itself more complicated?

We don’t think so.

Visual Display

We always put a lot of emphasis on visual display, especially for models that boast themselves to be suited for those starting out.

To be honest, the large and easy-to-spot LCD screen from the HC1850 takes the cake.

Not only is the screen a lot bigger and brighter, but the surrounding buttons are much more visually appealing than in CS6000i model.

For the sake of an example, notice how the threading speed function perfectly fits just under the screen, while you have to look around like a maniac in the CS6000i, just to find it on the far left of the machine.

We were not pleased with that at all.

Buttonholes And Sturdy Materials

We all know that the number of buttonholes on a sewing machine is everything to the sewer that wants to work with clothes such as coats which require stronger stitches that won’t die down after a bit of abuse.

That’s why we don’t see a clear reason on why CS6000i has seven buttonholes when it will be quite hard to make the most use out of them!

In comparison, the HC1850 has just one more but the options are vastly broader than with the CS6000i, whom we wouldn’t recommend for any large pieces of clothing.

Lighting Options

You don’t have to be a genius to realize that sewing or quilting won’t be an option when the sun decides to go to sleep.

We always prefer our light to be bright, sharp and strong as this can make all the difference.

From our personal experience, the CS6000i faltered in this regard as the light it provided was great (so we thought) before we had a chance to get our hands on the HC1850.

This is where our definitions on what good and great really were, changed.

The CS6000i has good lightning but the HC1850 is plain better; It covers more surface, is brighter and much clearer.

Last Comments

Although at some points in the article, it seemed as if I was bashing the CS6000i a tad too much, this was not the case.

I was simply frustrated by the large discrepancy in popularity; Truth be told, I find both models to be absolute beasts in their own, respective fashion.

As we could see from the comparison, the HC1850 has more features, stitches and is an all-around better model than the CS6000i.

The HC1850 is but an upgrade of the CS6000i and a good one, to say the least.

This brings us to the following conclusion: If you are a newbie just testing the waters, be brave and try the HC1850.

Give it the shot it deserves, we have already shown you that the HC1850 isn’t more technical than it is declared to be.

Keep in mind that these are all appearances, don’t let that stop you from grabbing the better model out of the two!

Click here to check the Amazon price of HC1850.

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