Brother XR9500PRW Review

One step ahead of the CS5055PRW, the XR9500PRW continues to carry the good name of the Project Runway in fashion!

With a chic design and quite the flexible interior, this model can count itself as one of the best sewing machines to buy.

Let’s look at what exactly makes this product the gem it is!

Brother XR9500PRW Review

Brother XR9500PRW Key Features

  • Weights Under Ten Pounds

I was mesmerized by that fact as I deemed it impossible for a sewing machine to be that light and flexible!

With exactly 9,89 pounds to its name, the XR9500PRW really sets the bar high when it comes to convenience and adaptability.

  • 100 Stitches and 8 Unique Styles

This is where this model trumps the one we previously had spoken about in the introduction!

The increased number of stitches means that now you will have DOUBLE the fun with all the various alterations at your disposal.

Let’s not forget about the eight interchangeable styles that will make your apparel stick out from the crowd!

  • Includes Twelve Accessory Feet

This is becoming a standard practice in the industry, as manufacturers have realized that people prefer to get everything in one giant package.

  • LCD Screen

Another great addition to an all-around great product. Whenever you are unsure what the heck is transpiring with your machine, just one simple peek reveals all that was previously unknown to you!

  • Wide Table For Bigger Projects

An oftentimes overlooked quirk that makes all the difference! If you had ever had to deal with larger apparel, you would know just how convenient having more space is.

Not only do your clothes remain stationary but you don’t have to worry about making any mistakes while sewing!


  • Bigger Is Better!

I’m not talking about weight, but the size of the LCD screen.

I have always been a pioneer of all things big, simple and most importantly, visible!

  • Automated Bobbin System

Having trouble with the bobbing needle? No more, as the unmanned bobbin system easily solves a problem that would otherwise be quite the nerve-wrecking experience!

  • Small Yet Versatile

Nothing like having a machine that, from an outsider perspective, couldn’t amount to much given its weight and proportions. Only when a throughout analysis is conducted does one realize just how many options a user has with this model.

Just as an example; The one hundred different stitches, when are you going to get bored of these?!


  • User Manual Only Available In English

This one was quite disappointing for me. Although most people have at least some comprehension of the English language, not including other languages is downright insulting.

Not a good move by the company.


The fact that only English-speaking users can possibly learn to operate this unit left quite the sour taste in my mouth.

Despite all of that, the improvements that I have stumbled upon while reviewing this product, mainly the bright LED lights, wide LCD screen and lastly, the total number of stitches doubled, made this model shine quite vividly when compared to others!

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