Brother XR9500PRW VS Brother CS6000i

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing two brothers just going at it!

Looking at the well-known and established CS6000i and the slightly obscure XR9500PRW, we can already see who has the upper hand.

But that’s only appearances and various marketing spiels that are present with the CS6000i that the latter one lacks.

Let’s truly get to the bottom of the debate and see which one is the superior option for you!

XR9500PRW VS CS6000i Details Comparison Table

7258 CS6000i
Stitches 100 60
Stitch Width 6mm 7mm
Stitch Length Adjustable 5mm
Control Slider Yes Yes
Auto Needle Threader Yes Yes
Buttonhole Styles 7 One-step 7 One-step
LCD Display Yes Yes
Free Arm Yes Yes
Included Feet 10 9
Drop Feed No Yes
Speed (stitches/min) 750 850
Amazon Reviews Over 2,500 Over 7,000

Built-In Stitches

The bread and butter of any sewing machine. With forty more to its name (100 versus 60), XR9500PRW takes the cake as it simply gives you so much more options.

Whether you are after generic or ‘fundamental’ stitches or the more decorative ones, with over 140 stitching options, XR9500PRW is miles ahead!

We also have to mention that no sort of monograms will be had on the CS6000i, while the competitor covers them, as expected from the technically better model.

Visual Display

Many may find it shocking that a machine such as the CS6000i, labeled as the beginner machine, has such an inferior LCD screen when paired with its competitor.

You don’t have to be an expert to spot the major differences in size and conformity, with the XR9500PRW being the clear winner.

We have to mention that both models seem to embody the same design when it comes to visual aesthetics, something that I’m not particularly keen of considering how some options are not intuitive to grasp for the fledgling.

The perfect example of that would be the speed function button located on the left of the machine, far away from the LCD display.

The CS6000i does a bit better in this regard, but I’m hopeful that we’ll see even more improvements in the future.

Included Accessories

We always like to point out that sales are made on this one particular feature. The modern human likes things to be simple and at hand, which pushes terms such as ‘separate features’ out of the woodwork.

Both models seem to be fighting tooth and nail in the regard, as the XR9500PRW does come with a quilting table, that enables you to turn a sewing machine into a quilting machine.

We quite like the multitude of options.

On the other hand, XR9500PRW seems to be missing a quintessential tool to any serious sewer out there, a hard table.

This begs the question; If it is the better model, why would it not have such a fundamental add-in included within its purchase?

This is a huge blow to this unit as a machine without fuel is not a functioning machine.

If you thought that this was the end of it, take a look at the walking foot and the spring action foot on the XR9500PRW.

Oh, you can’t see it? Well, that’s because it doesn’t exist!

You would have to make another, separate purchase just to get these two items, which are, by the way, included for free in CS6000i.

Lightning Options

We are huge fans of the lightning on Brother machines in general but even small discrepancies can make all the difference when it comes to quality.

One would expect us to go about how the XR9500PRW has better lightning owing to its higher price tag and so on.

Quite on the contrary, CS6000i seems to be leading the charge with two LED lights, ensuring that you’ll be able to sew even if all the other lights went out in your house!

Last Comments

At first glance, we were really disappointed to see the XR9500PRW be so overshadowed by its competitor.

We even went as far as to call the CS6000i out on it!

As we started with the reviewing process, we thought that our assumptions would prove to be correct and that CS6000i would be dominant in every respect but that wasn’t the case.

Although the number of stitches and font options may be higher in XR9500PRW, it doesn’t really excuse the vast amount of additional purchases you would have to make just to reach its competitor.

There is a reason why the CS6000i is on the leading charts for the company and the additional perks are just one point more for it.

We believe that although it lacks on some technical aspects, it is still a far better choice than XR9500PRW as you would have to shill out far more money to buy the latter one.

And then some more to get all the accessories the CS6000i already has included.

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