Janome HD1000 VS Janome HD3000

We are very excited to see how these two obscure models are competing against each other! Although not as prominent as the Brother or Singer machines, we can still appreciate lesser-known competitors entering the market.

And who knows, one day, maybe replace the kings at the top!

The main thing to note about these two Janome models is that we expect the HD3000 to serve as an upgrade to the HD1000.

Maybe the new version can take a stand against the Singer 4423?

Let’s find out!

HD3000 VS HD1000 Details Comparison Table

HD3000 HD1000
Stitches 18 14
Stitch Width 6.5mm 5mm
Stitch Length 4mm Adjustable
Auto Needle Threader Yes Yes
Buttonhole Styles 1 One-step 1 Four-step
Free Arm Yes Yes
Included Feet 4 4
Drop Feed Yes Yes
Feed Dog 7-piece 3-piece

Built-in Stitches

Not really that much of an improvement, the HD3000 has four more stitches, totaling eighteen.

They seem kind of redundant as heavy-duty sewing machines aren’t going to be used by newbies seeking to expand their horizons but seasoned veterans that are in there for the quality.

We also have to take note of the number of buttonholes that are missing on the HD3000.

With only one to its name, it is vastly overshadowed by the HD1000’s four, which allow for the easier creation of buttoned apparel, such as coats!

Pressure Foot

We always advice our readers to stay away from non-controllable pressure foot designs. The reason for that is quite simple; If you can’t let an experienced customer control his own apparel, then what sort of respect can you command?

This is and always was our biggest problem with the old unit.

The HD3000 has finally stepped up and serves as a major improvement in this regard, as you are finally able to determine the pressure on the pressure foot!


The HD1000 has two additional feet included in the package. Besides the rolled ham and zigzag foot, you’ll also gain access to the blind hem and sliding buttonhole foot!

A lot more value and a necessary upgrade to say the least!

Also, an important point to make would be the hard cover that’s included with HD3000; It helps with sturdier materials and it will make your product much more durable.

Drop-In System

I’m really not a fan of the front-loading bobbin system as you have to remove an essential part of the sewing machine, the storage compartment, just to load in the thread.

Guess what, you won’t be able to monitor just how much of it is left but will instead have to stop the entire process, unload the storage compartment and start the entire process again!

An unnecessary hassle, that’s for sure.

Last Words

At first glance, we really thought that the Janome HD1000 wasn’t THAT bad of a model but after careful consideration and especially after being introduced with its upgraded version, we absolutely cannot vouch for the HD1000.

If we had to pick a winner, it would without a doubt be HD3000.

You just have to take a look at all the benefits this unit offers over its counterpart: adjustable pressure foot, easy to load and monitor bobbin system, more stitches and to top it all off, more tools to play with.

The latter fact translates to less separate purchases overall so look beyond the price tag and get yourself the Janome HD3000!

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