Janome HD1000 VS Singer 4423

Janome, a company that is not as well known in the world of sewing machines as Singer and Brother, tries to take it toe to toe with one of the most popular heavy-duty machines on the market, the Singer 4423.

While this surely is a valiant effort, we cannot give any brownie points for that. Instead, let’s take a step back to analyze some of the most important features of both products and see how the HD1000 pairs up against Singer’s top heavy-duty model!

HD1000 VS 4423 Details Comparison Table

HD1000 4423
Stitches 14 23
Stitch Width 5mm 6mm
Auto Needle Threader Yes Yes
Buttonhole Styles 1 Four-step 1 One-step
LCD Display No No
Free Arm Yes Yes
Included Feet 4 4
Drop Feed Yes Yes
Speed (stitches/min) 840 1,100
Amazon Reviews Over 310 Over 2,480

Built-In Stitches

The 4423 takes the cake with nine more stitches in its pocket.

Although they have the same amount of generic stitches, the 4423 trumps the HD1000 when it comes to decorational and stretch stitches.

Because these heavy-duty units are mostly picked up by seasoned veterans, we don’t see a reason for the easier way out the 4423 took.

In regards to stitches, they both seem to take a point in their respective areas, so the battle will continue on elsewhere.

Inner Workings

The 4423 seems to be the more mechanized machine out of the two.

With a drop-in bobbin that is loaded from the top, one can easily see what goes in and what goes out. This feature also helps when you have to quilt through multiple materials at once.

The HD1000, on the other hand, makes the entire process unnecessarily complicated. Not only do you have to unload the storage compartment to reach the bobbin system but after loading it up, you still put the storage compartment back on.

Do you know what that means?

There is no clarity and with that being the fact, you cannot see how much of the bobbin thread is still left in the machine.

To make things worse, the Janome HD1000 is as audacious as to not even let the user control the pressure foot!

This really made us question the entire gimmick behind the product as we are most assured that most beginners won’t go for a heavy duty sewing machine as a first purchase.

Quite conversely, intermediate users are going to be apt enough to determine their own pressure on the foot pressure add-on!

These two heavy blows aren’t really going in to favor for the HD1000, but we hope that it learns from its mistakes and comes back with an even better model.

Let’s move on!

Stitch Length

I much rather prefer the HD1000 on this one as versatility isn’t really the name of the game when it comes to heavy-duty device.

Even though the 4423 has stitches that are a tad longer than the latter, it still amounts to nothing as the Janome’s 5mm cut through all sorts of different layers of clothing.

Truth be told, after fiddling around with the machine, we found that denim seems to be the machines favorite meal to savor!

Last Words

To really put things into perspective, we gave our team a day to decide upon which model really came on top and after a lot of consideration, we have decided on the 4423.

Not to paint the Janome’s option in a bad light, but they really have to work on their game to reach the heights of the Singer.

Starting from the amount of available stitches, to the complicated bobbin-system and not to mention the lack of control when it came to the foot pressure!

Although this sounds bleak, we still did see some positive movements on this machine, especially with strong material such as denim – it really showed its power there.

To conclude, the 4423 is an immaculate model that is almost untouchable by any other competitor.

The Janome unit came close and we believe that with a bit more polishing, it can even ascend to a higher level!

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