What Are The Leading Brands Of Sewing Machines

No matter what you plan to buy, there are always some leading brands in that field. If you decide to develop a hobby of sewing or set up your sewing business, then you should get yourself a good sewing machine. There are many factors that need to be considered when you choose the machine (you can read a very detailed buying guide here) and one of them is the brand recognition. Generally, a product that is made by a well-known company means high quality, rich features and good after-sales support. If you do a market research in the sewing industry, then you will find following top brands: Brother, Singer and Pfaff. Let’s check a brief history of them.

Brother Logo

Brother: this one is a very popular brand and has a history from 1908. However, most people don’t know that it is a Japanese company. Its former was Yasui Sewing Machine Co. that was founded in Nagoya, Japan. It has a large wide variety of products, including fax machines, printers, sewing machines, typewriters and others. In 2010, Brother Sewing Machines Europe GmbH was established by consolidating all sewing departments of Brother Industries. Most of its sewing machines are computerized with modern technologies. It does manufacture mechanical sewing machines too but his kind of machine is not usually used by families.

Singer Logo

Singer: another well-known brand in this field. This is an American brand and it was built in 1851 by Edward Clark who was a layer in New York and Isaac Singer. Its original company name was I.M. Singer & Co and in 1865, it was changed to Singer Manufacturing Company. Many individuals have a wrong cognition that it was Singer who invented the sewing machine. Actually it was Thomas Saint who got the copyright for a sewing machine in 1790 and Singer just made it commercially successful. This company’s main business is sewing machines and it gets rewarded very often. Most females start with a Singer sewing machine.

Pfaff Logo

Pfaff: this is a Germany company and it was founded in 1862 by Georg Michael Pfaff. Its first machine was specifically designed to deal with leather. A shop for sewing machines was opened in London in 1885 by Pfaff and after that, the company was expanded quickly. Swedish VSM Group became the owner of Pfaff during the expansion but VSM was acquired by Kohlberg & Company, the owner of Singer, in 2006. After that, a new company was created and it is called “SVP Worldwide” that owes three sewing machine brands: Singer, Pfaff and Husqvarna Viking.

There are some other brands as well, like Bernina, Baby Lock, Juki and so on, but these top companies have the largest market share. If you want a sewing machine to get started, then I would recommend choosing from Singer or Brother. They have already established their reputations so they are best options.

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