Sewing Classes – Top 3 Reasons That You Should Take

I’ve been doing sewing for about 8 years and when my friends tell me they want to try sewing but have no idea where to start, I would recommend two things. The first thing is getting a beginner friendly sewing machine that has some premium features that can grow with. I always suggest the Brother CS6000i. This is a very popular model that has decent features. You can read more details here. The second thing I recommend is to take a sewing class. Why do I encourage them to take sewing classes? Here are my reasons:

Help you get started quickly. To be frank, if you have no experience with sewing machines before, then you will find you don’t know how to start. Even though you can get a manual or an instructional guide attached, the chances are you don’t understand those technical phrases. What is a presser foot? What’s the purpose of the tension control dial? What’s the difference between these stitch options? You will get many such problems when you start. You can get some online video tutorials to watch or you can ask your friends who have experience. Otherwise, the best option for you is to go to your local college and take a class. Your tutor will help you get familiar with your machine quickly and show you some basic operations, like threading the machine, changing the presser foot and selecting the stitch, etc. This can speed up your learning procedure and help you avoid unnecessary failures.

Help you improve sewing skills quickly. After you know how to operate a sewing machine correctly, then you should start to make projects. Obviously you need to start with simple projects, like making a napkin. There are many such step-by-step guides you can get online, but the drawback of these online guides is when you get a question of a specific step, no one can help you clarify it. This is also the benefit of taking a sewing class. Whenever you get a problem, you can ask the teacher to explain why it should be this. You will find your tutor will encourage experimenting and practising, so you try to make some more advanced projects if you feel confident. There is no need to worry if you make a mistake because the teacher will help you correct it and explain the right ways.

Help you know more people with same hobby. You are not the only one that takes such lessons. You will meet many other individuals who love sewing as well. You can talk with them and share you experience. Team learning is a very effective learning method because you can learn from each other’s experience and mistakes. This is a big advantage compared to self-learning.

Now you should know the good points of taking lessons. If you do love sewing, then just enrol at your local college. Start with basic easy projects and them improve gradually and finally, you will be able to make your own designs with high quality.

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