Singer 3232 Review

By simple, the manufacturer probably had generic in mind. That is not too far from the truth as the first peak at it reveals no special properties.

I’m utterly attentive to the one thing that has caught my concern and that is the number of stitches this model features.

Stay tuned as we are about to unravel a giant story that unfolds itself when taking into consideration the total stitches present in this unit.

Singer 3232 Review

Singer 3232 Key Features

  • 32 Stitches

Unlike many other models, such as the XM2701 or the XL2600i, this machine broke the twenty-stitch barrier at its price-point.

It is quite rare to stumble upon such a discovery and I’m utterly sure that this isn’t the only surprise we are bestowed with.

  • Automatic Button Hole

Only one button hole? This is where this unit declines in comparison to its competitors. It seems to me that SINGER didn’t really care much about buttons when curating this model?

Weird, but important to note.

  • Only 12 Pounds Of Weight

The first Singer model that I’ve seen under fifteen pounds! What shocked me, however, was the inclusion of stainless steel into the design of this machine, meaning that they have found a way to converse the weight.


  • Four Accessory Feet Included

I’ve seen eight or twelve feet at this level but four is nothing to laugh about.

  • Free Arm

Came in handy once I got serious about sewing on the machine. Very flexible and malleable!

  • Designed For The UU Only

If you haven’t got a 110 Volt plug, don’t even bother with it!


  • You Can Choose The Stitch Length

This is something new and unexplored! Instead of being forced to do things in a manner uncomfortable to the user, the adjustable stitches make changes easy to enforce.

  • Sturdy Metal Frame

The metal frame is as robust as ever. It ensures that the piece of article you are working on will never slip or move during the process.

  • Automatic Needle Threader

Many machines at this price tag don’t have a mechanized needle threader and that is a damn shame.

Without it, you have to spend so much time putting that thread through the damned needle, which is never a titillating experience.

I can guarantee that.


  • Number Of Button Holes

I cannot let this one slide no matter how hard I try. Most models that feature button holes have at least five of them readily available but with only one at your disposal? I’m not sure just how much worth this brings to the table.


All things considered, the 3232 is a model for people that like things to be simple, straightforward and uncomplicated.

This is exactly what this product provides and nothing more. We saw that it is a bit deficient when it comes to button holes but in other spheres, such as number of stitches, it excels!

Recommended for the older generation and newcomers to the craft.

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