Singer 4411 VS Singer 4423

The one thing these machines both embody, save for the number of similar features is the fact that no beginner should even come close them!

With both being sturdy, heavy-duty and powerful sewing machines, designed to cut through all sorts of different apparel, there is no room for error.

With that being said, let’s take a closer look at this fortitudinous pair and determine their main differences.

4411 VS 4423 Details Comparison Table

4423 4411
Stitches 23 11
Stitch Width 6mm 6mm
Stitch Length 4mm 4mm
Auto Needle Threader Yes No
Buttonhole Styles 1 One-step 1 Four-step
LCD Display No No
Free Arm Yes Yes
Included Feet 4 4
Drop Feed Yes Yes
Speed (stitches/min) 1,100 1,100
Amazon Reviews Over 2,450 Over 1,470

Built-In Stitches

Not too vast of a disparity, but still significant enough to make the list would be the amount of stitches on both models.

The 4423 is the definite winner in this department, with 23 to its name, while the 4411 has 11 only.

We were shocked by the fact that 4411 didn’t feature any stretch stitches, which was quite the surprise as they are oftentimes used in abundance, even in heavy-duty sewing.

Needle Threading

The 4411 seems to be the true ‘old-school’ model as it didn’t even bother with an automatic needle threader.

Perfect for those that reject the notions of modern technology in embroidery and for those that aren’t as tech-savvy.

We would like to point out, as an act of good gesture, that although technology may sometimes go overboard on sewing machines, an automatic needle threader can really go a long way in helping you out.

It’s not complicated while still being completely mechanized, meaning that you don’t have to do anything or press any sort of complicated codes into the machine.

With that being said, we still respect those that shy away from the automated route the 4423 took.

Top Features

Let’s also take a moment of our time to roundup all the important features that make these two machines the cherished products that they are.

Firstly, the powerful and nimble engine that makes these two units one of the top performing in their respective markets, with 1,100 stitches to their name.

Secondly, the heavy and sturdy build, with the amazingly robust stitches cut through all the fine and rough articles like it is nothing!

Lastly, the ability to determine the pressure on your own when it comes to the sewing process really dampens those voices that say that zero thought went into the design of the machines.

Unequivocally, the best addition to both of these machines!

Last Words

When compared to each other, these units seem to show little of their true personality and charms. That’s why we oftentimes remark on how many people forget that the 4411 and 4423 are among the best-selling models in the heavy duty sewing machines.

This little-known fact confirms what we had already known all along; Two splendid machines, a small difference in the amount of stitches and automation, but perfect additions for any seasoned sewer!

In summary, we vote for Singer 4423.

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