Singer 4423 VS Brother CS6000i

Two different companies, two different universes. I think that the most important thing to note is that these two sewing machines aren’t competing in the same branches.

The Brother CS6000i is a computerized sewing machine and as a matter of fact does a lot of things for you. Case in point, the start and stop functions as well as the speed control option.

On the other hand, the Singer 4423 is a heavy-duty machine, meaning that you won’t be using it to fiddle with simple shirts, but apparel that features heavy materials, such as coats.

This is very relevant to the debate as it wouldn’t make any sense to scold the machines based on their perceived disadvantages; You will never see the CS6000i outperform the Singer when it comes to heavy-duty sewing.

The same could be said in regards to the precision and attention to details, as well as conformity the CS6000i brings to the table – You simply can’t expect that from the 4423.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at what makes these machines unique and special in their own leagues and why they consistently outperform competitors in their respective divisions.

4423 VS CS6000i Details Comparison Table

4423 CS6000i
Stitches 23 60
Stitch Width 6mm 7mm
Stitch Length 4mm 5mm
Auto Needle Threader Yes Yes
Buttonhole Styles 1 One-step 7 One-step
LCD Display No Yes
Free Arm Yes Yes
Included Feet 4 9
Drop Feed Yes Yes
Speed (stitches/min) 1,100 850
Amazon Reviews Over 2,450 Over 7,000

Built-In Stitches

The CS6000i dominates this department, as expected.

You will never purchase a heavy-duty unit, especially if you are a fledgling or if creativity matters to you. It’s more suited for companies or sewing shops that tend to serve customers with clothing problems.

With only six basic stitches, the other being stretch and decorative stitches (we didn’t include the one buttonhole) it is still respectable in its own regard as it allows for twelve different options in terms of decoration.

This making the total amount of stitches twenty-three.

Quite conversely, the beginner-friendly CS6000i offers 60 stitches, with twenty of them suited for basic stitching, while the others are there for all of your decorative and quilting needs.

We also have to mention the outstanding lead the CS6000i has over the 4423 when buttonhole stitches are questioned.

With a seven-to-one lead, this seems to remind us of the notorious Germany versus Brazil match a tad too much!

Visual Appeal

We have always been great peddlers of large and wide LCD screens as they really can help with the entire process.

While the CS6000i has a decently sized LCD screen, that serves as a buffer to the user while he is in the selection process, none was found in the 4423 model.

This came as to no surprise to us as heavy-duty models really aren’t that concerned with the visual but choosing instead to focus on technological prowess.

We’ve got nothing against such a headstrong choice but felt the need to mention it to the consumer, nonetheless.

Stitches Per Minute

We usually don’t bother mentioning the speed of a particular machine, as they mostly hover around the 800 mark, with little difference between individual models.

This all changed when we hooked the Singer 4423 and tested its capabilities; To be perfectly honest, we had never seen such speed and immaculate precision.

We were thoroughly impressed with the performance of this product and with the capability to do over 1,100 stitches per minute, you should be too!

This type of power enables you to go through two, three or even more layers effortlessly.

Just a beast of a machine.

While the CS6000i still holds a respective 850 stitches per minute on record, it’s basically nothing compared to the super-sized and colossally powered 4423.

The Foot Department

A very interesting discovery was made while comparing the two models; The 4423 allows you to play with the pressure of the ironically-called pressure foot.

Although this process was completely automatic in the CS6000i, you had little choice as to how much pressure to apply and that made it a bit constraining, in our opinion.

If you are new to the sewing world, then there’s nothing to despair about as the automatic function the CS6000i provides you with is the better option.

The less buttons and functions your brain has to process, the lesser the chance that you will screw something up!

On the other hand, hardened veterans might feel a bit patronized by CS6000i, so the versatility and candor of the 4423 might be the better choice.


While both companies didn’t tighten their wallets in this area, we still feel it as our duty to note that the CS6000i has an extension table.

This really is a drawback to the 4423, as larger projects are going to be had to put to rest unless you decide to make an additional purchase.

Last Comments

This was quite the adventure and believe me, both of these products fully deserve the attention they are garnering.

They are absolute monsters in their own divisions and little can be done to actually top the dominant positions they hold.

In any case, we believe that people new to this world shouldn’t be opting for a heavy-duty machine at all, but instead being happy with the automated and mechanized CS6000i.

Although it isn’t as powerful and robust as the 4423, it is still enough to make you happy as an individual.

On the other hand, if you are looking after power, speed and sturdiness, the 4423 won’t disappoint.

It’s really hard to imagine that such a sewing machine even saw the light of day in common stores, as its power and capability really shouldn’t fall into the wrong hands.

If you are an adept expert, please feel free to opt for the 4423 but otherwise, for your own safety, don’t make such a gamble!

You might find yourself disappointed as it isn’t really suited for the general population and with many options being free to the user, it’s not hard to imagine how easily things could go south!

To conclude, the Brother CS6000i is there for anyone looking for a creative, light and simple machine.

The Singer 4423 is more suited for seasoned professionals and is the perfect pick-up for companies and stores!

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