Singer 4452 VS Singer 4423

We were very worried when we first had the pleasure to approach these two models in the same room; they appeared to be completely the same!

After we washed our eyes out, little did change and this made us very apprehensive.

Luckily, after some serious testing and experimentations, little differences became a lot clearer and much more tangible.

Believe it or not, there is quite a bit more than meets the eye when taking these two products in consideration!

4452 VS 4423 Details Comparison Table

4423 4452
Stitches 23 32
Stitch Width 6mm 6mm
Stitch Length 4mm 4mm
Auto Needle Threader Yes Yes
Buttonhole Styles 1 One-step 1 One-step
LCD Display No No
Free Arm Yes Yes
Included Feet 4 4
Drop Feed Yes Yes
Speed (stitches/min) 1,100 1,100
Amazon Reviews Over 2,790 Over 50

Built-In Stitches

This would have to make-up the most striking difference between the two models, as the Singer 4452 features 32 stitches while the runner-up only boasts a measly 23.

The biggest reason why the number is so low on both hands is the fact that the products in question are heavy-duty machines.

As you may or may not have known, they put way more emphasis on getting the job done rather than waste time on a plethora of options!

The main disparity, however, is the way these stitches are applied:

The 4452, basically speaking, is an upgraded version of the Singer 4423 model. This can also be confirmed by noting their respective numbers.

While the amount of basic stitches stays the same, the stretch and decorative stitches look a little different, with the 4452 having three more stretch and, bear with me, six more decorative ones!

This makes the 4452 the more versatile, flexible and in the end, creative model.

Lastly, I want to mention how both models feature only one buttonhole, a little disappointing but that’s not what we remember/buy them for.

More on that later on.

Foot Accessories

Although both models are heavily equipped with nifty add-ons, the 4452 seems to be justifying its slightly higher price tag with a few bonus feet.

Let’s take a look at what such a deal entails:

You’ll get an extra walking and non-stick foot!

Not too shabby and it surely explains why the Singer 4452 is a bit heavier than its counterpart.

It’s just half a pound, so it’s nothing to really ponder about!

Top Features

Since these models are so similar in their inward and outward appearance, we have decided to put our foot down and remind everyone out there just why these machines are so revered in the sewing community.

First of all, you have the amazing power and speed which comes with an integrated high-duty engine that lets you cut through all sorts of different materials.

Next in line is drop-in bobbin and the one-step buttonhole, allowing you to do more with your time, rather than chase a thread and a needle!

Finally, the pressure lifter is oftentimes adored by veterans that seek the freedom to be the ones deciding what sort of pressure is to be applied on their OWN apparel!

Top-notch products, to say the least.

Last Comments

Not really a whole lot to say about these two. If you are on the lookout for a bit more bells and whistles, than the Singer 4452 is your choice.

Otherwise, the 4423 will do just as good. It all depends on what you value in a machine and the good thing is, there is no wrong choice with these two options!

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