Singer 7258 VS Brother CS6000i

I love me a good get-together of one of the two biggest competitors in the sewing world. Brother CS6000i, a fan favorite, against the similarly revered Singer 7258.

This might not be the battle on the highest price stages, but it’s still very interesting to see just how they stand against each other as they are both classified as beginner sewing machines.

Alas, they make-up quite the amount of revenue for both companies!

CS6000i VS 7258 Details Comparison Table

7258 CS6000i
Stitches 100 60
Stitch Width 6mm 7mm
Stitch Length Adjustable 5mm
Control Slider Yes Yes
Auto Needle Threader Yes Yes
Buttonhole Styles 7 One-step 7 One-step
LCD Display Yes Yes
Free Arm Yes Yes
Included Feet 10 9
Drop Feed No Yes
Speed (stitches/min) 750 850
Amazon Reviews Over 2,500 Over 7,000

Built-in Stitches

The first thing on the bucket of any creative sewing enthusiast is the amount of stitches on the particular product.

While they are both not having problems with the number of stitches present, the 7258 takes the cake with over a forty-stitch lead (100 versus 60).

However, the clash doesn’t stop here!

If you are a quantity mogul, the different stitching options on the Singer model will already be reason enough to declare it a winner.

There is a huge BUT; The CS6000i has more essential stitches (20 versus 9), making it dominant for consumers looking for more of a machine for the mechanical side.

On the other hand, the 7258 makes up for it by having over 50 more decorative stitches (76 versus 20) and with that being said, is the right choice for the creative spirits among us!

Stitch Width

An important feature to consider when you take into the account the type of clothes you are going to play with it.

I would suggest CS6000i for thicker apparel (7mm wide) and the 7258 for the softer things in life (6mm).

To be perfectly frank, none of these two would do good against really sturdy materials as they are beginner models after all.

Visual Display

This would have to be one of the more important features on beginner machines, especially considering how hard it can be for a fledgling to get into sewing.

We are always looking for machines that will boast bigger screens and larger buttons, as this will allow the newbie to easier acquaint himself with all the ins and outs of the product.

At first glance, one would note that both products seem to have a similar way of displaying things but only the expert eye notices the vast difference in the way they are presented.

First of all, the Brother unit employs a choice of colors that lets the numbers on the screen be easier discerned while the Singer machine looks like a jumbled mess!

Also, the screen is just a tad bigger.

Another case in point would have to be the buttons; Brother’s model has two on the side and two just under the screen, both in respective unison.

Conversely, Singer’s model has all the buttons stuffed in one location, which, pardon my french, is just a travesty to witness!

Various Awards And Decorations

The 7258 is widely regarded as one of the best models present in the industry, speaking on a worldwide basis.

This is not just some random babble, this product has been awarded for two times already, by the ‘Consumer Digest’ with the ‘Best Buy’ adoration.

The CS6000i falls short in this regard, as it hasn’t been picked up by any sort of major publication as of now.

While a shiny medal won’t make a product better functioning, it is still worthy to note that consumers harbor such strong feelings for 7258!

Drop Feed (Or The Lack Of One)

Brother’s answer to the strong blow they have received in the previous section seems to come with a nifty addition to the fray; A drop feed, which allows for stippling, one of the more desired sewing motions by users everywhere.

The 7258 lays speechless, as it doesn’t feature this option at all.

Maybe the reason behind that is the fact that these are supposed to be beginner machine, but we digress, no reason to cry over spilled milk.

What’s In The Goodie Bag

All sewing machines come in with various add-ons as manufacturers understand that hidden perks can make or break a deal.

If you have to make ten separate purchases after you have already acquired a machine, it doesn’t really translate to the most economical option.

For larger projects in plan, the CS6000i is the better choice as it includes an extension table.

The table itself is quite spacey and has proven to be much more effective than previously thought.

The 7258 has zero answer to that.

Other than the table, the accessories included are in similar vein, I suggest reading them in detail on our table as that will make things much clearer.

Last Comments

Comparing the two behemoths of the sewing world wasn’t an easy task. We saw how tightly-knit the race was and how the differences were difficult to spot but important nonetheless.

We fell in love with Singer’s care for creativity and different options in regards to stitches, while also respecting Brother opting for a more ‘serious’ model.

We were mesmerized by how publicized and present the 7258 was in the media, this all owing to the double ‘Best Buy’ award.

We saw how Brother trusts new users with additional options (drop feed) and how it doesn’t waver when it comes to nifty add-ons such as the large table.

The 7258, on the other hand, places care and consideration for the consumer, not letting him wander aimlessly but directing him to the course they believe he should be heading towards.

Overall, we can’t really declare a winner. Both respective machines are killing it in their own way and only you can decide which one will become your next darling!

You can also check Amazon customer comments on 7258 and CS6000i here.

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