Singer 7469Q Review

Let me go right ahead and throw one thing out of the wind; I hate it when manufacturers mention such strong words as ‘confidence inducing’ when describing their product.

If something really is good on its own, it will show itself to the owner eventually.

With that in mind, let’s see how good of a product this actually is and if it has any magical properties to turn my diffident personality into one brimming with confidence.

Singer 7469Q Review

Singer 7469Q Key Features

  • 98 Unique Stitches

Nothing too fancy but not shabby either. Solid enough to have a portfolio at hand that lets you be creative.

  • Seven Button Holes

More than the average of five, so I’m happy with that. If you didn’t know about it as of yet, integrated button holes enable you to easily and mechanically sew buttons into your clothing.

  • Switch Between Sewing Or Quilting

This is really nice and considering the price-point, it is much more of a bargain than the acclaimed SE400.

  • 20 Pounds Of Weight

We are approaching the line of obesity regarding sewing machines. Totally understandable of course as SINGER products often use stainless steel in their build.

  • Automatic Needle Threader

As expected of such a reverable model, the auto-thread option saves considerable time in comparison to doing it manually.

I remember my grandma lamenting about the frustration she would experience after half an hour of fierce battle with the needle.

  • Four Quilting Feet

A nice addition to the fray. Many machines feature various add-ons but quilting on its own is oftentimes overshadowed by sewing.

Very stoked to see quilting get the recognition it deserves!


  • You Get More Out Of This Unit

Many a few that are interested in quilting are not shying away from sewing, the same applying the other way around.

That’s why this multipurpose product allows for the necessary flexibility needed in today’s world.

This is especially discernible when you look at how often the terms quilting and sewing are used interchangeably in common talk.

  • Perfect For Those Just Starting Out!

Despite its versatile demeanor, it still remains quite easy to operate.

We can thank the easy-load bobbin and the automatic needle threader for that!

  • The Large Table Redefines ‘Large’

Nothing like ordering a product and finding out that the large table included with it is nothing but a mere extension amounting to a measly few centimeters.

The table I’ve got with my purchase was more than suitable for every need of mine.

I could even go as far as to sew some of my largest apparel with it, such as my coat!


  • Not Usable Outside Of The US

It is quite frustrating when you think about it. Imagine being an ‘outsider’ that is robbed away from enjoying the many wonder this machine can offer.


The ability to be used for multiple purposes and the serenity experienced when handling it is what makes this machine one of the finer models out there.

If you are new to the world of quilting and sewing, this model will suit you well!

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