Singer One Plus Review

One of the pricier models from what I’ve seen, the One Plus prides itself on the sophisticated technology behind its inception.

If this model reminded me any other product from the line of sewing machines, I would have to mention the PC420PRW as my first choice.

How well does Singer compete against Brother at the highest of levels of competition?

Does this model have what it takes to trump all others before it?

We’re about to find out!

Singer one plus review

Singer One Plus Key Features

  • 221 Unique Stitches

What really makes them special is not the number but the way that you can use them. With a simple dial, one can select between the models in a fast and efficient manner, not wasting any spare time.

  • The SwiftSmart Threading System

If you have ever owned a sewing machine before reading this review, you must have heard about automatic sewing feature many of them have.

Not only does this unit possess one of those but it is the only one where it took me less than a minute to set everything up.

  • LCD Display

Stitch length and depth was always difficult to track if you haven’t got the device to do so. With a large screen at your disposal, this issue was solved momentarily!

  • Quite Bulky At 25 Pounds

One of the ‘fatter’ machines on the market. How wouldn’t it be when A-grade stainless steel was used when making this concept of a product into reality!

  • More Than Twenty Accessories Included!

You got the zipper and buttonhole foot on one hand and the thread spool caps on the other, perfect for experimenting and decades of fun.

  • Six Buttonholes

Usually machines have five, some as little as one. This is not the main thing that is so commendable about this model but the fact that they are all automated!


  • Programmable Needle

Talk about modernization!

Whether it be up or down, stop or go, the programmable needle is one handy tool that will surely leave you in awe.

This will especially show itself if you are working on larger projects at hand as it saves time, money and is the most efficient way of doing things!

  • Lightning Fast

I have gone up to 1,200 stitches per minute with this baby! I felt like a NASCAR driver while maneuvering this beast, an absolutely stunning experience.

  • Need Space? Have Some!

The most important aspect of a machine is how comfortable it makes the user while he is operating it.

The product could be the best sewing machine on the market but if you don’t reap any enjoyment out of it than all that falls to nothing.

With adequate space to breathe for both you and your apparel, this model became my favorite in a heartbeat!


  • Not Easily Portable

This item isn’t meant to be switched from one place to another so if you are moving frequently or a traveler, I wouldn’t recommend this as the right product to own.


Singer has done it! Bringing to life a unit that can both impress the professional sewer whilst still being usable to the fledgling.

Brilliant design and value, recommendable to anyone!

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