Best Sewing Machine – Best Picks & Reviews of 2016

best sewing machine

Having a best sewing machine is a great thing and it will give you the ability to explore your creativity. But the problem is when you go to a local store or online store, like Amazon, Ebay and BestBuy, etc, you will find there are so many different options and you’re definitely going to be confused.

This is why we write this buying guide. We have searched and gathered useful information to help you choose the best machine. If you’re new to the world of sewing, then this guide will save you huge effort and money.

Best Sewing Machine – The Buying Guide You Must Read Before Purchasing

OK, let’s be straightforward. There are many things that need to be considered when buying a machine. But after searching and analyzing info shared by other actual owners, we find that the following factors are the most important.

Your needs. “Why do I need a sewing machine?” Ask yourself this question and write down your answer. Honestly most sewing beginners do not know their exact needs. They just think they need a machine to make some projects. However there are several types of machines and each of them has different purposes and requires different sewing skill levels.

Note: Generally there are four types of sewing machines: mechanical, electronic, computerized and overlockers. They have very different functions and are used for different projects.

If you don’t intend to make some complex projects, like sewing complex garments or curtains, then a basic machine is always a good option. If you have more ambitions and plan to make some complicated projects, then you may need to get a moderate level machine. You will need to spend some time on learning it at first but your skills will grow as well. It doesn’t take rocket science so there is no need to worry. If you want to be a professional sewer or make this as your career, then you need a machine with more advanced features and add-ons. An overlock machine can give you the max power to create complicated projects. If your case is not sure what you want, then you’re suggested to get a middle level machine as it can grow with your experience and skills. There is no reason to spend extra money to buy a new one when you find your basic sewing machine can’t meet your demands.

Your budget. Prices of sewing machines vary from model to model. A cheap sewing machine may cost your less than a hundred dollars, but an overlocker with advanced add-ons will cost you thousands of dollars. So you should set up a budget and compare machines within your budget to choose the best one. But do not expect a machine under $100 to perform complex jobs very well.

Brand recognition. There are many well-known sewing machines manufacturers, like Singer, Brother, Bernina, Pfaff and Janome, etc. Obviously you will save some money if you buy an unbranded model, but this will cause some headaches later. It’s a common sense that there are seldom manufacturers produce accessories for no-brand machines. When you have a complex sewing job and need some accessories, you will find it’s hard to find compatible accessories. What’s more, you are unable to get quality aftersales support from unbranded companies. Well-known brands have nationwide support centres. They provide detailed manuals and tutorials. It’s easy to get your machine repaired as they have professional technicians and compatible parts.

Functionality & Suitability. Obviously different sewing machines have different functions. Some can deal with stretchy fabrics; some can accommodate an extension table to make it easier to sew curtains; some come with specialty feet; some have special features for quilting and some have digital features. As discussed above, you need to know what you want to do first; then choose one that has features to let you make perfect jobs. It’s recommended to avoid buying a basic sewing machine as it has very limited functions. Generally a mid level model can match most individuals’ needs.

Definitely there are other factors should be considered like other users reviews. Do they suggest it? Do they give positive ratings? After considering these things, you should have a basic list of the best machines. Compare their features in details to get the proper machine for your own use.

Top Rated Sewing Machines

If unfortunately you still have no idea, then you can check the following list. They are the best sewing machines of 2016. You can click to check its details on Amazon.

Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine
Brother XL2600i Free-Arm Sewing Machine
Singer 7258 Stylist Award-Winning Machine
Brother SE400 Combination Sewing and Embroidery Machine
Singer 4411 Heavy-Duty Machine

As you may already find out that all of these five sewing machines have over 1,000 customer reviews and at least a rating of 4 on Amazon. They are hot sellers. In order to give you a better view, we’ve created the following table to compare their main features one by one. You can also read our honest review after the table.

Best Sewing Machines – Features Comparison Table

ModelBuilt-in StitchesStitches per MinuteAuto Needle ThreadingLCD DispalyFree ArmIncluded Presser Feet
Brother CS6000i
Brother XL2600i
Singer 7258
Brother SE400
Singer 4411

Sewing Machine Reviews

1. Brother CS6000i

You are wrong if you think it’s a low quality item because of its low price. It has over 5,700 customer reviews on Amazon and it was even rated “#1 Best Seller” on Amazon’s “Sewing Machines” category. It’s a computerized model that means it can automate a plenty of tasks. This is one of the best portable sewing machines so you can easily carry it to your sewing classes with the included case if you want. It has a very user-friendly and easy-to-use LCD display that assists you in selecting stitches. It has many must-have quilting features included so you can easily deal with your quilting projects.

Pros cs6000i

Advanced features to grow with your sewing skills.

Oversized table to let you easily deal with larger projects.

Adjustable sewing speed to let you fully control the speed.

Carry case and so many other accessories included (no extra spending).

Quick start guide and detailed helpful manual included.


Small LCD display

If you are a new sewer and has a limited budget, then this is the best cheap sewing machine that you can buy. It’s easy to get started and you can take full advantage of its advanced functions once your expertise improves. If you need a best quilting sewing machine, then this is your perfect choice too. It gets more than 4,300 reviews and a very high rating. These customers cannot be wrong. If you are still not convinced, you can check its full fabulous features and reviews yourself. Read full review

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2. Brother XL2600i

This is another model from Brother. Honestly this is a very basic sewing machine and perfect for beginners. It is the best sewing machine under $100. It’s also a best choice if you just want to make some simple home projects, liking quilting, crafting and so on. It comes with 25 built-in stitches, but unlike CS6000i providing an LCD screen, you need to use the dial to select your stitch. One of its powerful functions is its built-in free arm. This gives you the ability to sew cuffs and hems very easily.


Beginners xl2600i

Free arm included.

Useful manual included.

Many accessories.

Easy bobbin winding.

Easy to carry.


No LCD display.

Very basic.

This model reaches more than 1,900 reviews on Amazon and it’s rated highly by customers. To be frank, you cannot expect too much with such low price. But this is the best beginner sewing machine, so if you are new to sewing and have a limited budget, then this cheap sewing machine is your best option. Read our review here

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3. Singer 7258

This one was named a “Best Buy” by Consumers Digest. It has an LED display as well and it shows your chosen stitch with the setting of its length and width. This gives you extra customization options. What’s more, it is built with features to meet different sewers with different sewing experience levels. You are offered an electronic start/stop function so there is no need to use foot pedals any more if prefer. This machine can automate tasks like needle threading, bobbin winding and buttonholes creating, etc. You can program this mode to stop needles in either the down or up position. This is pretty useful for sewing different projects.


Automatic needle threader.singer 7258

LED display with more settings.

Automatic tension

Easy bobbin system

10 presser feet.

DVD guide included.

High sewing speed.

Free accessories.


Need some time to learn it.

This one has more than 1,900 reviews and gets a very good rating as well. Its internal skeleton support ensures its overall durability. Some time and expertise is needed for utilizing its features fully. Check full detailed review

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4. Brother SE400

This one has earned the “#1 Best Seller” on Amazon’s “Embroidery Machines” category, but actually it is a combination embroidery and sewing machine. With its comprehensive features, you can create nearly whatever you want. You can select your stitch and embroidery designs from the black-lit LCD touch screen that it provides. You can even check tutorials and guides through this screen. One feature that cannot be ignored is its computer connectivity. With this function, you can keep your machine updated. This will save you huge money. Whenever there is an update available, you can update to get more functions. Additionally, you can buy more embroidery designs from online stores and then import them to your machine directly.


Computer se400

4-inch by 4-inch embroidery area

LCD touch display.

Easy bobbin winding system.

Automatic needle threading ability.

Detailed operation manual.

Free parts included.

25-year limited warranty.

This one is the best embroidery machine and it has over 1,800 reviews with a pretty high rating. The incredible functionality makes it a best choice for individuals with a large budget. If you have enough budgets, then just buy it. You will definitely be impressed. Read more details

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5. Singer 4411

Thanks to the built-in metal interior frame, this heavy-duty sewing machine can do whatever tasks you throw at it. It comes with a stainless steel bedplate and powerful motor. One notable feature of it is its sewing speed. It reaches 1,100 stitches per minute. If you want a machine that can keep up with your output, then this one can be your best choice. It offers 25-year limited warranty on the head, 2-year on electronic components and 90-day on the labor.


Metal frame.singer 4411

Stainless steel bed plate.

Free arm.


Drop-in bobbin.

On-board storage.

Extra high speed.

Featured with so many positives, Singer 4411 gets over 3,000 user reviews and a good rating. No matter you are a beginner or professional, you can use it to make stylish projects. Read more

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Our Final Words

There are hundreds of machines available on the market and no one can say “this is the best sewing machine that is suitable for everyone”. Different people have different needs, skills, experience, price ranges and personal preferences, etc. If you ask me to recommend one, then I would vote for Brother SE400. It’s indeed a little priced when compared to others, but it has more features; and you can always update it to get latest functions. There is no need to buy an embroidery machine if you want to make some embroidery projects. So considering its comprehensive positives, it is the best buy for me. But if you just want do make some simple home projects, then Brother CS6000i can be your best choice. It is the best selling sewing machine of 2016.

As said above, there is no such a machine that is best for all. Every one has his own personal demands, resources and preferences. Just keep in mind that you should check previous users’ reviews before you buy.

Hope this sewing machine buying guide can give you some ideas and help you find your best sewing machine to start your sewing journey!